I like to write and I don’t like to proofread. I usually post about sports, with the occasional — and sometimes frequent — off-topic post. Go ahead and chime in, in the comments of posts. I’ve been keeping this place up since March 2007.

Self-doubt is the precursor to all defeat. Cholesterol is the precursor to testosterone.




32 thoughts on “About Troy

  1. Hi Troy
    I had to pop over for a visit after reading the very nice comment you left on my site, for which I do thank you.
    I wish you well as you work towards your goal of becoming a sportswriter. From what I have read here I think you are well on your way. I like that you say you are at times biased and share those thoughts, backed up by what ever knowledge you have. I admire anyone ready to stand up and openly state their opinion. I hope you will continue to do that.
    I wish you well my friend

  2. Thanks for stopping in Troy. And I totally agree with you on the forums. Their posters can be absolutely obnoxious and the comments unintentionally laughable! I haven’t read all of your posts yet so I ‘m curious: who are your teams?

  3. Thanks for reading our depressing blog post. It is rather sad, I agree. I don’t know if it is more depressing to only be able to afford Blues tickets or not actually obtaining the Rams tickets.

    Nice blog!


  4. Troy! Site’s looking good! And man, you were totally right about forums. I’m so glad I stopped doing that. I was just looking at my old favorites and thought I’d give your page a visit. See ya later.


  5. Hey Troy nice site.. look forward to reading more from you.. check me out explodeinsports.blogspot.com if you get a chance I’ll post a link to your site through my page if you would like. To Our Success!


    1. Thanks for the comment, bro. It was always a pleasure to debate with you. The intense sports arguments we had ‘back in the day’ were and always will be classics. I felt like I gained some new knowledge every time, good sir.

      1. Aye that it was. Even if you do hate Kobe and the Steelers. As a matter of fact, not really sure why I even talk to you, lmao.

        Yeah, it’s always fun to argue with people who know what they’re talking about. And I’ve yet to find something that you don’t know about, so I shall continue that epic journey, lmao.

  6. What is this? You hate the Canes too? I don’t even…

    There’s the Indians…but…no one can really hate the Indians..because…they’re the Indians and they’re really irrelevant, kinda the way it is with, I dunno…the Rams or something. lmao.

    1. Ohhhhh, but the Indians…I do have a discrepancy with the Indians and that is from back in 2007 when they were up 3-1 on the Red Sox and only needed one game to put them away and couldn’t do it! I was devastated.

    2. Hmm. I guess that means we should be arch-rivals or something. I dunno if you’ve ever played Final Fantasy IX or not (if you haven’t, play it. Still golden.) but I can be Zidane and you can be…Kuja. Sure, you might look like a chick, but you get to summon this cool eye thing, and you ride a dragon.

      I do have to thank the Rams for letting us have the Bus and a third for a second and a fourth. Worked out quite well, I think. 😉

      1. Have not played it but I see what you did there. 😐

        At least the Rams drafted this really awesome beast out of Nebraska named Lawrence Phillips who turned out to be an unstoppable force for years upon years and led the league in a stat that I’ve created, and would like to call “domination”.

        Then I woke the hell up and three years later the Rams traded for some guy named Marshall Faulk, witnessed some guy named Trent Green go down and watched some dude who previously worked at a grocery store come in for relief, and with Faulk, together they orchestrated the greatest offense evah’!

        It’s a shame… if only the Squeelers didn’t flake out against the Cheatriots in the AFC title game in 2002 and maybe we could have witnessed a nice 38-14 Rams over Steelers game in Super Bowl XXXVI instead of the refereeing cheatfest that actually happened! 😉

      2. Thank the San Diego Chargers for that interception by the way, they used that same play against us in those same playoffs, and scored on it. James Harrison wasn’t getting fooled twice. 😉

        Is it sad when your linebackers have better hands than all but one of your defensive backs?

      3. I can’t say much about the Chargers. I feel bad for their fans sometimes, having to put up with Norv Turner as a head coach! Every day I still think of that James Harrison play. I was watching the game at a friend’s house with another friend, and we still — to this day — rant about that play!

        Well, your best defensive player, Troy Polamalu, is nothin’ more than an over-glorified linebacker playing the safety position! If his first name wasn’t Troy I’m not sure he’d be that good, actually. Thankfully he has the first name of a champion on his birth certificate, so the Squeelers can sleep fine at night. :shifty:

    3. Oh, I dunno. We handled that grocery bagger pretty well in that one Super Bowl. 😉

      And Phillips is only fourth on the all time list in the domination category, obviously Rod Woodson is still tops. He got so bored of dominating at corner that he decided to play safety and dominate there too. I heard he was going to play wide receiver, but was quoted as saying ‘but then people would group me with Deion Sanders, and I never want to be associated with that guy’

      And on a somewhat related note, is there any team that DIDN’T see Trent Green go down? And on a lesser related note, I still love me some Trent Green, lol.

      1. So much so that the grocery bagger passed for 377 yards and three touchdowns. 😉

        Sigh… if it wasn’t for the Cardinals lining up in the gun on the one freakin’ yard line right before the first half ended. SMH.

        With all the hits Green has taken, how in the hell is he an analyst? I’ll always remember his second tenure with the Rams when he tossed a pick-6 to Jabari Greer, who played for Buffalo at the time, and the camera crew caught him saying “SH*T PISS F#$K!!!” I used to have a .gif image of that. 😀

    4. Most strong safeties in the NFL are becoming more and more like overglorified linebackers lol.

      Which is why I’m not sure why people are against us renting Champ Bailey for a year or two if Denver can’t come to terms with him (they will, I’m just saying lol) free safeties aren’t traditionally heavy hitters, we’ve just had one for years in Ryan Clark. Sure, Champ’s not going to come up and knock someone out, but neither is Ed Reed, lol.

      That Harrison play is up there with my favorite Steelers plays, and Polamalu’s diving pick of Phillip Rivers is probably number one. That was just nasty.

      Or the entire playoff game against the Colts in 2005, or rather, the press conference with Peyton Manning afterward where he threw his entire offensive line under the bus, that was something special lol. I love Peyton’s sound bytes lol.

      And what’s with this Troy ‘TJ’ Sparks, trying to be like your idol again? :shifty:

      1. Ah, you and your excuses! Defending that ‘ol modern day Shaman that Carson Palmer has made look decent in pass coverage in the past!

        Agreed, though. You’ll laugh, but one of my favorite players from the early 2000s was Adam Archuleta. I believe he had a ruptured disc in his back and had it repaired before he left the Rams, but by the time he did leave he signed that huge $40 million deal with the Redskins (I’m sure you remember LOL)

        I still remember the Polamalu diving pick against Indy in that game in 2005-’06. Good stuff. I still detest him, though. :shifty:

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