I feel strongly in my heart that this season’s Los Angeles Rams squad is better than the Atlanta Falcons. Last night, the final result of the wildcard game between the two did not reflect that opinion, but I still hold it. The Falcons won due to their calmness and poise backed by their playoff experience.

The Rams dropped a couple of passes and turned the ball over twice in the first quarter, setting the tone of the game and giving the Falcons 10 free, easy points in the process. No matter how good a team’s defense is, the Rams were wore out by the end, and the Falcons held on.

Am I disappointed? By the way the Rams offense played, yes. They did not maximize their potential or play up to snuff. While I feel that Atlanta’s defense is pretty good, the Rams’ receivers dropped catches and quarterback Jared Goff was off more than he ever was in the regular season. When they didn’t score on their first two offensive possessions, I knew they were in trouble, and when the first punt was muffed, ohhh boy…

Hats off to Atlanta. They aren’t that great of a team this year, but they don’t have that bad of a road, only facing the Carson Wentz-less Philadelphia Eagles next week. I can only hope the Rams will come back stronger next season with this new experience under their belt, avoid serious injuries and ran the gamut in the NFC West again.


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