The Los Angeles Rams stomped the Seattle Seahawks — in Seattle — by a score of 42-7 the other day. While I texted a barrage of comical — albeit friendly in a football fan rivalry sense — insults to a couple of Seahawks fans I’m friends with, I’ll refrain from bashing that squad on here.

That game on Sunday felt incredible as a long-suffering Rams fan. Even though the Rams posted 42 on the scoreboard, they left some points on the board in the first quarter. That is incredible to me. They are 10 points away from doubling the total amount of points scored last night, and there are still two games left.

I have said it in previous posts, and the same sentiment will reverberate loudly here: I am so proud of this Rams team, from being the laughing stock of the league to being the impending 2017 NFC West champions.

This was a long time coming, and it almost feels like the 1999 season when the Rams trumped the 49ers in an absolute thrashing that became the team’s statement game of the season. Watching the Seahawks sweep the Rams from 2005 to 2009 was painful enough. 2010, from a personal standpoint in my life as well as an entertainment/fan standpoint, is a year I would love to erase and redo (in a heartbeat). That was Sam Bradford’s rookie campaign, and in the last game of the season the Rams were set to finish with an 8-8 record and win the NFC West with that .500 mark. They had already beaten the Seahawks, snapping that horrifying five season streak of losing to them, by a score of 20-3 and all they had to do was beat ’em one more time, aaaand they didn’t, which catapulted a 7-9 Seahawks team into the playoffs which saw that crazy Marshawn Lynch run happen vs. the New Orleans Saints.

I haven’t watched the Rams win a playoff game since January 2005. 13 years ago.

That was just a couple of years before I started TSTOS.

Hell, in the entire existence of TSTOS, the Rams have never made the playoffs.

For this team to make the playoffs this year, it will be a groundbreaking experience. I forgot what it was like. I forgot what it was like to be a fan of a winning football team. I love it.

Jeff Fisher would have never won that game for the Rams in the way they did. He preferred long, drawn out slugfests that would have resulted in a 12-10 victory or a 21-7 loss. That is bullshit.

Evolve or perish. Adapt and overcome.

Sean McVay is BARELY older than me and he’s the head coach of the LA Rams. With that said, he’s a new school guy and he retooled the Rams’ offense in an explosive way. He had help from Wade Phillips for the defense and John Fassel for what might be the best special teams unit in the league. But the biggest difference between him and Fisher is that he is more open minded, younger, accepts change better than that old curmudgeon (Fisher). When Fisher was hired in 2012, a fellow Rams fan warned the fanbase that Fisher was oldschool, resistant to change, relied on old football dogma, would produce a stagnant offense and produce average results at best.

That Rams fan was a prophet, because that is exactly what happened.

I have not witnessed these remarks (surprisingly), but Seahawks fans and Rams’ doubts may state the following: “The ‘Hawks were injured and banged up! Russell Wilson has no help from his piss poor offensive line! The Rams need to face a healthy ‘Hawks squad!”


Simple counters:

– Seattle is the hardest place for any team to play at in the NFL. The Rams walked in and stomped them by 35 points, making it the worst loss the Shesquawks have suffered since 1997. That is a big deal.
– Russ Willy and the ‘Squawks have had a piss poor offensive line for a couple of years now.
– Every team in the NFL is banged up. Whether or not one team is more banged up than the other is a relevant conversation piece, but losing by 35 points at home to your divisional rival dulls this shitheel argument that could be made by ‘Squawks fans.

Whether the Rams go to the playoffs and lose by 50 or not, I love this team, and the prospect of the Horns going into the postseason and the ‘Sqquawks being left out warms the cockles of my heart.


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