I had to step away from the internet after Sunday evening’s game against the Eagles. I was beyond frustrated that the Rams let an opportunity slip from their hands.

However, I thought the Rams played a pretty complete game on Sunday evening and they know they can compete with the best teams in the conference. Injuries didn’t just hurt Philadelphia; they significantly hurt the Rams as well. Jared Goff played a pretty good game — not great, but good enough to win for sure. Todd Gurley was in full-on beast mode. Cooper Kupp was amazing and Sammy Watkins was effective as well. The Rams fixed a lot of things defensively in the second half; they have proven they have the best second half adjustments in the NFL.

In the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. You can blame it on the refs. You can blame it on injuries. You can blame it on play calling. You can blame it on time management. Whatever. The Rams had their chances and didn’t execute late in the game. It happens and I know they will be a better team because of this learning experience.

Because the Rams have had so much success this season, it’s easy for us fans to sort of forget where they were and just want so much as to where we want them to be. Good things are happening for this franchise.

I don’t want to dwell on this game too much, because this Sunday is a much bigger and important game. They will be playing the Seahawks in Seattle for what will most likely decide the winner of the NFC West.

The Seahawks are devastated with injuries on their defense, and maybe I’m just full of shit, but I feel like the Rams have a decent opportunity to step up and beat them on Sunday, even if the game is in Seattle and their overly noisy fan base is up to snuff. The Rams need to exact revenge on them from the first outing this season, in which they narrowly lost.

Besides, I need the Rams to win this meeting, as I have a seasoning/spice/rub wager going on with the Shesquawks fan on Instagram!

Here’s a funny story before I end this post: if you know me, you know I’m all about outdoor cooking, particularly grilling and smoking (barbecue)…

My girlfriend is a Christmas fanatic, and while searching for Christmas gifts, she found this grillmaster Los Angeles Rams ornament from the website Fanatics to put on our tree. It fits my interests, and well, had the right team been on it, it would have been cute.

I had no idea she had even ordered it until the package came in. She was super stoked to give it to me. She ripped off the packaging tape, opened the box and boom.

I had just finished taking a leak when I heard her say “We can’t use it… ” I thought that whatever it was must be broken. I saw the Seahawks logo and just busted out laughing.

Mistakes happen, but this one was a hilarious error from Fanatics. My girlfriend is furious. Figured I’d share this little story.


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