I’ve been beyond excited for this rematch between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. This is my “most hyped” fight of the year. I couldn’t care less about the money-motivated debacle that’s going on in boxing. You can tell the rivalry, or disdain, between Bones Jones and Cormier is legitimate. If you think that claim is dubious, help yourself to a few minutes of Googling.

So much has happened since January 2015, especially in the UFC. Jones lost his title and battled numerous personal issues. This is the third time the Jones/DC rematch has been rescheduled, and by all accounts, it looks like a go (finally). While we might never get Jones vs. Rumble Johnson, at least we have this rematch.

A lot of Bones Jones detractors like to say he didn’t dominate DC in their first bout. I disagree. I reckon he did. He controlled the entire fight from start to finish and outwrestled DC. Yes, DC landed a few clean shots, but Jones was never in danger of relenting the dominance of that bout.

In this second fight, there are so many questions that have arised.

Which Jones are we getting? He didn’t look good in his return fight against Ovince Saint-Preux last April, so how will he look tonight? What will DC do differently?

There are so many questions waiting to be answered!

I think it’s comical how many people out there are so sure in their prediction for tonight. Just like any bout in the octagon, it can go either way.

I see it as one of these two scenarios happening: DC either wins by a resounding first and second round knockout or TKO after she lands a monster shot on Jones in the clinch, or Jones dominates DC to a decision. I have a weird feeling about this fight. Every time a huge fight like this comes around, I get so nervous! You just don’t know what might happen! That’s why MMA has been my favorite sport in the world for several years now. The adrenaline rush is incomparable to anything else.

Two and a half years ago, for the first fight, I picked Jones by unanimous decision, and was correct. But all this time now, I’m so unsure. I have no clue. Just as I was two and a half years ago, I’m unbiased in my thoughts. I’m a big fan of both Jones and DC. Part of me wants to see Jones win his title back, because I feel like DC was never the champion, but on the otherhand, DC defeating Jones will solidify not only his status as light heavyweight champion of the UFC world but also his place in the echelons of UFC greats. DC is already known as one of the greatest to ever do it, because you can’t dispute his resume!

I just wonder if Bones Jones will use his range like he always does, and jabs, oblique kick and open hand range-finds (complete with eye pokes) to neutralize DC, or if DC will get him against the cage and batter him with dirty boxing-influenced uppercuts.

Call me naive. Call me silly. But I think the only way DC wins is if he knocks out or TKOs Jones early within those first couple of rounds. Otherwise, I see Jones using his reach as an advantage and comfortably settling in the longer the fight goes. I know that DC has the ability to grind out a 5-round, dominant victory via wrestlefuck, but never forget Jones’ abilities and skill enrooted in his Greco-Roman background.

Oh, by the way, this card is loaded! Three title fights (just to be clear, I’m rooting for Demian Maia vs. Tyron Woodley) and Robbie f’n Lawler vs. Donald Cerrone.


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