Instead of polluting an old blog titled “Troy’s Thoughts on Sports” with posts featuring pictures, thoughts and commentary on food, I started a new blog:

Grizzly Grillin’ and BBQ

I haven’t had much to say in regards to sports commentary in a while. Most of my commentary is inane, directionless tangents, which I don’t really care, anyway. I still and always will enjoy writing. Occasionally I take breaks and I come back; it’s all good. Like I’ve said a billion times, when I started this shindig in March 2007, I wanted to be a sportswriter. That was many moons ago, and I dropped that ‘plan’ long ago. However, I continued writing about sports, because hell, it’s fun! Whether people read it or not. The views have been high throughout the years, so either I have a few anonymous admirers or the content is decent enough to skim through. Either way, I’ll keep TSTOS around forever, in all likelihood.

Yours truly, salt and pepper haired and all.

So, Grizzly Grillin’ and BBQ is another food blog adventure. I haven’t really done such a thing in a decent amount of years (four or five?) and I feel like I’ll give it another shot this time around, mostly because it’s fun to do.

My personal opinion is that WordPress has gone downhill over the years in that they changed and went away from essential things like the tags pages. Now, hold on, let me explain: the tags pages used to be a fun way to find content on WordPress. Up top would be the featured blog or posts, and then the rest of the posts — usually what’s been posted most recently — would show up. That’s been scrapped. The WordPress tags now are linear, with recent posts at the top. That would be fine, but now much of it is filled with spam, and about 60% (I’d say) of the posts are from news websites… not blogs… not even really sites that are truly powered by WordPress. And if you ask me, that muddles the water, don’t you think?

Alas, WordPress is still the top blogging platform out there. Back in 2007, Blogspot/Blogger was still giving them a run for their money. However, WordPress is the top dog now. Regardless of the dashboard being insanely cumbersome to navigate through sometime (when it used to be perfect), it’s still alright.

The inspiration behind “Grizzly Grillin’ and BBQ” is simple. Asides from a love for food, I’m a hairy dude. My girlfriend calls me her bear. Connection made.

Over there, I’ll do what I’ve been doing here: writing about food, posting reviews of certain products, giving thoughts about miscellaneous things in relation to what the blog is all about. It’s all about having fun, y’know?


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