I used the new STOK drum grill multiple times last week, and it works better than expected! I’m in love with the cast iron grates (again, as a cast iron freak); they keep the temperatures super hot for an exceedingly long time. I cooked with it the first time on May 10th, when I flash smoked some chicken thighs and country pork ribs, while my best friend/quasi-brother brought over a 4-pack of ribeyes and I only teared them a couple of minutes on each side for a medium rare finish (a must). I also placed my small cast iron skillet directly on the grates and cooked some diced up potatoes along with onions. It all came out perfect!

On Wednesday, after mowing the yard, I cooked potatoes, hotdogs (not pictured) and three chicken breasts. Cooked the breasts on indirect heat for about 15-20 minutes and seared them for two minutes on each side; registered a temperature of 168, as I wrapped them in foil right after removing them from the grill.

On Mother’s Day, I hosted a big dinner for family and friends. I was up until 2am watching UFC 211 (Stipe Miocic starched Junior dos Santos) and woke up at 6am to start up my smoker.

I smoked two pork shoulders, a sirloin pork roast, two chuck roasts, two whole cornish hens, 12 chicken thighs, 15 country pork ribs, about eight or nine skewers of thick cut bacon, 11 bacon wrapped cheddar cheese stuffed jalapenos, and about 17 potatoes.

Needless to say, I was exhausted that night, but damn, everything came out great! I used my grill to smoke most of the country pork ribs (sans three) with a mix of pecan and cherry wood. Everybody loved them, as they were gone faster than anything else.

That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I smoke it, uh-huh uh-huh!

Enjoy the little ‘music video’!

Chicken thighs.
One of the chuck roasts! What a beautiful bark!

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