I’ve been wanting this grill for about a year now. I finally bought it yesterday at Target, as it was on sale.

There were many days I wanted to say “to hell with it” and buy it at its full price, but the reason I never did is because one of my friends bought it at a discounted price last year. What made me go with the STŌK drum charcoal grill over the Weber is the cast iron grill grates.

I’m a sucker for cast iron cookware. For over five years now, it’s almost all I use!

What I also enjoy about it is the temperature gauge (yes, I know that Weber grills also typically feature this as well). I plan on smoking a little bit with this one. At any rate, this grill should be a good ‘outside cooking’ buddy with the vertical smoker that my girlfriend’s parents gave me.

I have a pork shoulder, a chuck roast and two family packs of chicken thighs ready to throw in the smoker in a few days, but after catching this beautiful, sturdy badass grill on sale yesterday, I’m tempted to defrost some chicken thighs tonight and let ’em sit in some water and salt to brine ’em for tomorrow to cook on this beauty.

Perfect timing, too, since our local, closest grocery store — Food Lion — had twin packs of Kingsford charcoal marked down to $7. About 120 lbs. of charcoal for $21… not too shabby.

Above are pictures from our time visiting the little lady’s family in Alabama back in late March. Well, at this point they are my Alabama family, and her parents are pretty much my Alabama parents by default. They’ve been sweet to me from the get-go!

Top pic: her dad rotating two pork shoulders that wielded the combined weight of 20 lbs. One was mild and the other one, well, since we (me, her dad and buddy Robert) enjoy the spicy side of things, was seasoned up with Caribeque honey heat seasoning and Killer Swarm hot sauce from Pex Peppers. Absolutely delicious.

Second pic: bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed jalapenos (one of my favorite things), chicken thighs, sausage and bologna (yes, bologna… it’s damn good smoked! Seasoned with Tony Chachere’s creole).

I haven’t smoked anything for the last couple of months, at least since the Super Bowl. Time to get back to it soon, as I’ve promised not only one of my neighbors some pork shoulder, but also one of my friends who’s willing to drive an hour for it.

Can’t wait to fire up the new grill and the smoker. I haven’t wrote about sports in a while because my life has been far too busy for it. Might be sticking to food and other miscellaneous posts for the time being! A lot more interesting than a prospective third Cavs/Warriors NBA Finals and bitching about the UFC!


3 thoughts on “Finally Bought the STŌK Drum Grill!

  1. Spurs had Game 1 in their hands vs. GS but the fates would not allow. Thought they’d get at least one game and I fear that was it, especially with Leonard hurt once more. No doubt GS-Cleveland once more. Grilling season will begin here this weekend as the weather is finally starting to clear out and heat up. Used charcoal for years and enjoyed the ride…but “sold out” to propane in the last couple of years. Enjoy grillin’ and smokin’ Troy!

    1. It’s amazing how big of an impact Leonard has. I almost wonder if they could have gotten him on the floor, anyway, at the end of the game (I was thinking this at the time) to maybe use him as a decoy. I saw, I believe, Doug Gottlieb or somebody mention that and it got me thinking! I understand switching to propane; it’s a heck of a lot faster, but I guess for now I’m locked in with the ‘coal!

    2. Oh, and thanks for visiting as always; I’ll head your way soon! Sorry about not coming around in a while. I’ve hardly visited anywhere on the web in a good minute! I hope you’ve been well and I appreciate your friendship, man!

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