I’ve had a beard for the majority of the last 12-13 years. I usually keep it trimmed but lately I’ve been rockin’ it out. The problem with this is that the skin can become dry. Daily showering + shampoo’ing (with traditional shampoo) will sap the natural oils on the skin underneath your beard and cause dryness, resulting in itchiness.

Prior to my experience with Grave Before Shave, my only experience with beard oil (I’d used Clubman Pinaud’s beard conditioner for a couple of years) was Dollar Shave Club’s (which is a good product, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted something new and different).

Jim Brakewood, Jr. from Chaos and Pain posted about how awesome the beard products from GBS are. I checked out the website, thought the graphics were cool and enjoyed the prospect of free shipping, but… hesitated on buying any. You see, I’m the type of person that feels guilty/remorseful if I buy anything for myself. I don’t know why; I’ve been this way for quite some time. I feel like I’m wasting money if I buy something that I might enjoy. I would rather spend money on somebody I love, y’know?

I told my girlfriend about Grave Before Shave. She surprised me with this:

She bought me four beard oils from GBS: the cigar blend (my personal favorite), the caramel mocha, the ‘head hunter’ (tropical) and the gentlemen’s blend! She ordered them on a Friday night; they shipped on a Monday (from California) and got here (the other side of the country) on Wednesday!

The day after I received them, Wayne Bailey and Grave Before Shave released a brand new product: tequila limon! I couldn’t help myself; I went ahead and ordered it and the pine scent from the site in a duo pack. The new beard oils shipped out on a Friday and I got them today: Monday.

Needless to say, I love them. They all smell fantastic and they get the job done in regards to replenishing the oils you lose from a hot shower. I’ll eventually try out the beard wash they offer. The oils aren’t greasy nor will your beard feel like it’s weighed down upon using it.

I’ll rank my favorites from most favorite. They are all great.

1.) Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend ~~ I knew this scent would be my favorite before I even tried it. I love the smell of vanilla/pipe tobacco. My all-time favorite fragrance is Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille! This smells just about like it, or at least in the same vein! I get random whiffs of it throughout the day when I wear it (just like the other ones) and I absolutely love it. Doubt this will ever be topped as my favorite.

2.) Grave Before Shave Tequila Limon ~~ I found out this was released, because my girlfriend shouted, “Damn it!” When I asked her what the hell was wrong, she told me, “Grave Before fuckin’ Shave released a new scent today. Why couldn’t they have released it last week?!” When I saw the new scent, I was floored. I had to have it. I’m an occasional tequila enthusiast with a knack for, ahem, occasional imbibing. I couldn’t pass this one up. Well, it arrived, and holy shit. The new tequila limon smells so friggin’ good! I should just post this as 1B to Cigar Blend’s 1A, because it stands up to it as my favorite! It’s a strong, but not an overpowering smell, of tequila. The lemon lime apparent in the scent blends so well with it. It’s super refreshing and I know I’ll be getting some more pretty soon.

3.) Grave Before Shave Gentlemen’s Blend ~~ This is by far my girlfriend’s favorite of the bunch (albeit she says that the tequila limon is a very close second). It smells terrific. It reminds me of getting a fresh haircut in a barbershop. It has an extremely clean bourbon smell to it. But again, it reminds me of getting a fresh haircut in the barbershop. So clean, fresh and inviting. It makes my girlfriend sniff my beard often, for better or worse!

4.) Grave Before Shave Caramel Mocha ~~ This is an interesting one. I love it, but it smells just as it’s described! Like a sweet coffee! I enjoy it, but damn if I don’t smell like dessert. I think the chocolate ends up being stronger than the caramel or coffee notes. My girlfriend says I smell like a chocolate chip cookie. The caramel is very apparent at first when you apply it, but fades into the background.

5.) Grave Before Shave Head Hunter ~~ Love this stuff just like I do the others. It’s going to be a fantastic summer time scent. Makes me want to go to the beach, kick back on the balcony with some beers and chill out. This is my girlfriend’s second or, er, third favorite after Gentlemen’s Blend and Tequila Limon.

6.) Grave Before Shave Pine ~~ I couldn’t decide what to get with the Tequila Limon beard oil, so I opted to go with the pine. It smells good, but it also smells similar to the Dollar Beard Club beard oil, which is a slight negative. I should have gone with GBS’s Bay Rum.

I can’t recommend their beard oil enough. Like I said, I’ll eventually try out the beard shampoo and the balms. Top notch products — so far — backed by an American company with the consumer’s interest in mind. Wayne Bailey is a cool dude. Support his hard work!

6 thoughts on “Grave Before Shave Beard Products (Beard Oil) Review

  1. I think the Grave Before Shave products ate the best on the market. Their Beard wash is awesome. You need to order some. Their shipping is amazing. I have no idea how they ship it so fast Grave Before Shave for life!

    1. Got the bay rum and really enjoy it! My top 3 favorites are 1.) cigar blend, 2.) gentlemen’s blend and 3.) caramel mocha. I also love the tequila limon but wish the scent lasted longer.

  2. This stuff is great. The shampoo and conditioner work really well. The oils and balms all smell great. I try a new scent every time I order. I work in a very dusty environment so my beard takes a beating every day but your products do a great job keeping me clean all day. My beard and mustache stay well kept all day thanks to your products. Keep up the good work!! I recommend this stuff to all of my friends.

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