Instant outrage is synonymous with the social media age, isn’t it? Impulsive reaction is the name of the game whenever something happens. We gotta hop on Facebook or Twitter or whatever to spout off. A lot of celebrities like to throw their name in the political opinion hat by telling everyone how they feel. Now, I think Hollywood’ers live a different reality compared to everyday people like me and whoever else that is reading this, but of course, that doesn’t deny their personal right to an opinion.

Meryl Streep won some kind of award at some kind of thing at the Golden Globe Awards (admittedly, I’m too lazy to Google this) last Sunday, and she said that if we kicked ‘immigrants’ out of America, we’d only have football and mixed martial arts, when she went on to say “is not the arts”.

When I first heard about that, I thought, “The hell?” and then I got to thinking, she’s referring to film, theater, etc. but nonetheless, it’s still an ignorant comment. MMA is the art of fighting, combining all the martial arts together. People who think MMA is ultra violent are… some of the most ignorant people out there. Boxing and American football is infinitely more dangerous (like the quote goes, in MMA you might get hit in the head, but in boxing you will get hit in the head, albeit I love boxing…. and American football).

Anyhow, Streep’s opinion about MMA not being ‘the arts’ (idiot alert) is the least bit of idiocy from her comments. Her saying that if ‘we kicked immigrants out’ we’d only have football and MMA is even more of an ignorant comment.

The most popular fighter in MMA right now is a man from Ireland by the name of Conor McGregor. The middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, is from England. The women’s bantamweight champion, Amanda Nunes, is a Brazilian. The women’s strawweight champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, is Polish. The sport is probably comprised of more non-Americans than Americans.

Anywho, I like Dana White’s comments about Streep being an uppity 80-year-old woman. That’s more accurate than the silliness she’s spouted.

The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. I just want to say this: it’s BS, and I’m sorry about everything, San Diego locals. I feel worse for you guys than I ever did for my fellow Rams fans in St. Louis. St. Louis never gave a shit about the Rams until it became a possibility for the Rams to move. You see, fans in St. Louis are like the shitty girlfriend who, after 7 years, says “What can I do to change?” when you are already ready to let her go, so while I think Stan Kroenke is a piss poor owner, St. Louis was a piss poor fit for the Rams in the end, a city that was too lazy to bother changing the seats at the Edward Jones Dome from red to blue.

Chargers fans supported the living hell out of them in San Diego. Los Angeles doesn’t give a damn about the Chargers; they don’t even give a damn about the Rams. LA is the biggest fairweather city in America. They care about the Raiders right now. It’s a lousy situation all in all.

I just want to say this about the hall of fame finalists… or question this: where is Torry Holt? He absolutely — just like Kurt Warner and Isaac Bruce — belongs in the hall of fame. He’s the only receiver in the history of the NFL to accrue six consecutive 1,300-yard receiving seasons. He had eight consecutive 1,100+ yard seasons! People like to say, “Well, he didn’t do it long enough”. I say, quality > quantity. People also like to say, “He was a part of an offense-heavy team! That’s why he put up those numbers!” and that’s simply a shitty argument. Being a part of such an offensive heavy team, he had to share catches with the likes of Bruce, Ricky Proehl, Az-Zahir Hakim, Shaun McDonald and Kevin Curtis over the years, not to mention perennial hall of famer Marshall Faulk accruing not only rushing yards but catches and receiving yards himself.

Holt was an impeccable route runner. He would have been Super Bowl XXXIV MVP if he hadn’t dropped what would’ve been a second touchdown catch in the game. The arguments against him not being in the hall of fame are ludicrous. Consider, also, that he had to deal with an incompetent Rams organization that couldn’t get their shit together following the firing of Mike Martz. The Scott Linehan project was a disaster. The Rams haven’t even been decent since 2004, and yet Holt still put up big numbers through 2007. Much like Bruce, he was a class act. No controversies, no team disruptions, no horse shit drug/PED use…. just a class act catching footballs, scoring touchdowns and being one of the best receivers to ever do it. Yet he’s not a hall of fame finalist. That, my friends, is bullshit. There’s no need for sugarcoating or avoiding expletive usage by throwing nice words in there.

I feel that, if the Rams beat the Patsies in Super Bowl XXXVI, this wouldn’t even be an argument right now and that everyone would be singing Warner, Bruce and Holt’s collective praises, but c’est la vie. Such is life.

The Greatest Show on Turf is the unequivocal greatest offense in NFL history. The members who comprised is deserve to be in the hall of fame. Point, blank, bottom line. Nobody can convince this Rams fan writing this otherwise.


3 thoughts on “Meryl Streep, the Chargers and the Hall of Fame Finalists

  1. This Chargers thing is the latest black eye inflicted on the NFL. A city that shouldn’t have one NFL team now has two. The Chargers are going to play in the Galaxy’s soccer stadium their first two seasons, capacity will be “upped” to 30,000 or so. This would give credence to the theory the league doesn’t really care if people are in the seats…not many. That being said let us see if in Year 2 they still even manage to sell them out. The Rams? Moved last year. Fired their coach. Their #1 pick doesn’t look like a franchise QB let alone a starter. Now, they might be the second most interesting team in their new city. Holt deserves his place in the HOF but all of these “shrines” are about politics and optics. Can’t let “too many” from one team in ya know. It will be interesting to see if Brian Dawkins makes it. Can’t let “too many” guys who played safety in ya know.

    1. Dawkins absolutely deserves it, but you are right! All about politics in the No Fun League. I love football, but as time goes by it’s becoming more of a joke. I can’t find myself rooting against another team. While I don’t like New England, I have — in a way — enjoyed Brady sticking it to Goodell.

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