Donald Cerrone obliterated Rick Story, Rumble Johnson starched Glover Teixeira in thirteen seconds and the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz was a blood bath.


It’s rare that MMA rematches live up to the hype. The rematch between Diaz and McGregor has been in talks for five months. Last night, McGregor defeated Diaz via majority decision. As expected, there’s a lot of controversy around the decision, but I don’t see the issue.

While watching the fight with my girlfriend, I told her that — if McGregor were to win by decision — people in the online MMA community (and Nate Diaz & his camp) would cry that he ‘ran’ from Nate the whole fight. Well, what you call ‘running’ is more or less circling your opponent. If you are facing a bigger opponent that has absurdly good boxing skills, are you supposed to stand there and let said opponent tee off on you? No! Circle the cage! Avoid being cut off!

Personally, I scored the first, second and fourth rounds in McGregor’s favor. He knocked Nate down once in the first and twice in the second. A lot of people are saying, “Well, they weren’t devastating knockdowns; Nate wasn’t even hurt”. Doesn’t matter… they were scored knockdowns. Besides, it looked like Nate was engaging in some Fabricio Werdum-esque tactics by trying to goad Conor into jumping into his guard. To me, there’s nothing controversial about last night’s decision. Conor destroyed Nate with kicks and stuffed a shithorde of takedowns when Nate was giving his damned best to take Conor down while against the cage in various rounds.

The Diaz Brothers are the darlings of the online MMA community — and I reckon their boxing and jiu jitsu is slick — but I can’t stand their attitudes. The whole thuggin’ and’ah buggin’ attitude is fucking silly and immature. They are grown men in their 30s walking around like thugs. It’s idiotic. Time to pull your jeans up and wear a belt. A lot of people laud the Diaz Bros for being “real” and “genuine” yet… they make as many excuses after losses just as much as anybody. Nate immediately concocted an excuse last night, about how he was hurt going into this fight and that Conor should have finished him. What a load of horse shit. Yet the online MMA community hivemind will bash Johny Hendricks for doing the same thing (making excuses). As much as I try to be objective, I can’t help but root against the Diaz Brothers because of the online MMA community that makes them out to be the greatest. Maybe it’d be different if I didn’t view them as 30+ year olds acting like little punks… which… is what they portray.

I’m biased. I wanted Conor to win this fight just as I’d hoped he won the first. He’s a polarizing figure that’s fantastic for the sport of MMA. Now, I can only hope he’ll either defend the 145 lb. title against Aldo (and then the winner faces the deserved Max Holloway, who’s on a 9-fight win streak) or vacate the title and fight at 155 lbs.


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