I’m leaning towards Jared Goff, for what it’s worth. As for Carson Wentz, I know small college program quarterbacks have had success in the big boys football league before, but those are exceptions and not the rule. A quarterback going from a little North Dakota State school to a professional football team based in Los Angeles? Seems like an interesting situation to me. By the way, who did Wentz play against in the FCS? I feel like you could’ve plugged anybody in as the quarterback for North Dakota State, and that team would’ve won.

Goff may be two years younger than Wentz, and he may also weigh less, but he can put on weight. He can go on a regular diet consisting primarily of ribeyes drizzled in butter and pasta. Goff also played at California, a Pac-12 school.

But at the end of the day, the Rams… oh, the Rams… they gave up a shithorde of picks to the Tennessee Titans for this number one overall pick, and at the end of the day I’m not sure Goff or Wentz will be worth their salt.

The Rams haven’t made any improvements to their team this offseason. They’ve lost players — from Chris Long to Rodney McLeod to Janoris Jenkins. That defense, as promising as it’s been, will take a step back. The offense is still a starless group outside of Todd Gurley. The offensive line is still a mess.

The Rams are going into the fifth year of a three-year rebuilding plan. What gives? Jeff Fisher should’ve been gone by now, and with a rookie quarterback inevitably coming in, that will buy him a sixth year after the Rams go 5-11 or 7-9 this year.

It seems to me that the team is sitting around with its collective thumb up its collective ass waiting for 2019 (the new stadium will be ready to roll by then) for the rebranding. This team isn’t geared to win games but to look pretty under the guise of glitz and glamor.


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