The 30 for 30, “The Four Falls of Buffalo” about the 1990-1993 Buffalo Bills might just be the best one ESPN has made up to this point. I finally watched it a couple of mornings ago on Netflix. The final shot of legendary coach Marv Levy being knocked down on the sidelines from Super Bowl XXVIII while the upcoming poem was read was an accurate depiction of those relentless Bills teams that should’ve won one of those four games:

“Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew Said

“A little I’m hurt but not yet slain.

“I’ll just lie down and bleed a while,

“And then I’ll rise and Fight again.”

The way Buffalo responded to Scott Norwood’s missed field goal from Super Bowl XXV gave me goosebumps. It almost makes me envious of Buffalo football fans (maybe Buffalo sports fans in general, but outside of football they have hockey, which I do not watch), because I’ve genuinely never witnessed that kind of camaraderie as a lifetime Rams fan.

The Bills deserve more credit in hindsight. They had the misfortune (after playing the Giants) of playing two powerhouses, one of which was the dynasty of the ’90s: a legendary ’91 Washington Redskins team and the ’92 and ’93 Cowboys. People like to give those Bills teams shit for losing four Super Bowls in a row, but the bottom line is that other AFC teams didn’t fare well either. In fact, from 1983 until 1997, other AFC teams (sans the Bengals) couldn’t even compete against the NFC in the big dance.

Anyway, that ’90 Giants team was no joke, either. Despite being underdogs in the game where Norwood missed the kick, they had previously slayed the back-to-back champion 49ers and essentially ended Joe Montana’s time in San Francisco. Bill Parcells had assembled one of the greatest coaching staffs of all time.

Take the time to watch this 30 for 30! It’s so well made!


2 thoughts on “30 For 30 — Four Falls of Buffalo — The Best 30 For 30 Yet!

  1. I will now seek this out Troy based on your review. Having lived through their frustration at a distance I can’t begin to fathom how frustrated Bills fans are still to this day. Those were some great, dominant teams in Buffalo and that franchise deserved at least one of those Supers to go their way. So many talented players and coaches. As you so deftly point out time clearly forces us to examine their resiliency to make that run in the first place as much as always coming up short each time.

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