Stop being so harsh on Cam!

You don’t play professional football, so your opponent doesn’t count!

He’s a passionate guy! What? You want him to be passionate when he wins but not when he loses?

You’re just a hater, man! Stop hatin’!

Go on social media and find comment sections rife with that shit everywhere.

My personal favorite are the , “You don’t play professional football!” crowd. Yeah, and you’ve never been president of the United States, but I bet you spend ample time whining about that. Hypocrites.

Being passionate about winning doesn’t entail being a sore loser. I think handshaking in sports is a phony act, but that doesn’t mean you fail to commend your opponent(s).

Cam Newton mumbled in the post-game conference, had his hoodie on and acted like a 6-year-old child who didn’t get his way at the dinner table after demanding dessert over the vegetables.

Sorry, but he’s a 26-year-old man. He just lost the biggest game of his life — I understand that — but it’s time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and at least pose as an adult. The NFL is a wreck for hosting both teams’ post-game conferences in the same general area, but that’s not a valid excuse for shitty, childish, sulking, pouty behavior.

Russell Wilson experienced even more extreme heartbreak last season, more-so than Cam did this year, because he threw an interception on what was virtually the last play of the game in a situation that originally spelled out a Seahawks touchdown.

Russell Wilson is a grown man with immense maturity.

Why couldn’t Cam do that?

That’s the standard.

Again, expounding from my last post, Cam will grow from this and get better, but why should he be let off the hook? He makes millions of dollars to play a child’s game, but he’s old enough now to assume adulthood.

Celebrate rarely; grind daily.


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