Enough said.

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on winning Super Bowl 50.

I knew if their defense could get to Cam early (and they did), and the game was close at halftime, that would be it. They created four turnovers and gave the regular season MVP fits. I called the Giants’ improbable win over the 18-0 Patriots eight years ago, and it was because of their pass rush, as well. Those edge rushers are something else.

For me, here’s what it came down to: that Denver defense is legendary… Just watch them…

Cam Newton is, and will never be, half the quarterback Tom Brady is. (Keep in mind this comment is coming from a bigtime detractor of the New England Patsies) That’s not a slight towards Newton… it’s just a fact that he’ll never be Brady. And, in my opinion, regardless of what stats say, that Patriots offense is heads and tails better than this Panthers offense. That Pats offense was mostly manhandled by Denver two weeks ago, and I knew if they could do it to the Pats offense, then they could very well do it to Carolina based on those things. I’m not crazy about what I call “NFL math”, but it applies there, I believe.

I will say that Carolina’s offense missed some opportunities, however. Cam was uncomfortable all night (thanks to Denver’s defense), but there were overthrown passes in the first half that could have made a difference.

“Carolina lost the game,” many will say.

Nope. The Denver Broncos’ defense took that game.


One thought on “Defense STILL Wins Championships

  1. I think I’ll disagree to the extent Carolina didn’t look like they were prepared to play. I mean, they were arrogant enough to try to maintain Newton as a pocket passer the entire game when you and I both knew there wasn’t going to be a pocket because of Denver’s D. Everyone at the half agreed Newton had to get outside the tackles and create. I was shocked the Panthers offense looked like they made no adjustments at all…but the point was the opening game plan was screwed from the jump. Also, when Philly Brown and Fozzy Whitaker were hurt in the second half that didn’t help things. Why was Mike Tolbert carrying a ball? Likely because Jonathan Stewart was really hurt badly in the game’s first moments. Mad props to a Broncos D that single-handedly all season long played their way to an NFL title…but Carolina did all they could to help ensure their dominance Sunday. (The Death Wish Coffee ad was cool!!!)

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