I have a tendency to root for people who have been down and out and are on a comeback. I reckon a lot of people feel the same way about those in that situation.

For the unaware, Dominick Cruz brought the WEC bantamweight title over when the UFC and WEC merged in 2010. In early 2012, he tore his ACL. In late 2012, he underwent a second surgery for the same injury. When he was set to make his comeback in 2014, Cruz pulled his groin and, finally, he was stripped of the bantamweight title. He finally returned to the octagon in 2014, but soon after, he tore the ACL in his other knee.

Essentially, in the better half of the last four years Cruz has experienced three torn ACL injuries as well a pulled groin. This past Sunday night, he defeated bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw, whose fighting style involving almost nonstop movement and masterful footwork that mimicked Cruz’s to a near tee, by split decision at the UFC: Boston event. The fight was shrouded in controversy, because a lot of people thought Dillashaw won the fight, but I disagree.

Dillashaw may have been the aggressor, but just because you are the aggressor in the octagon doesn’t net you a victory or any brownie points. Cruz was consistently bobbing and weaving away from Dillashaw, making the “Snek in da grass” (reference) miss. One of the biggest differences in styles between TJ and Dom is that TJ, when he goes in for strikes, will keep hammering away, but Dom sweeps in for a few strikes and then backs off. I think it’s insane that he was away for so long, what with the injuries he experienced and came back to fight a world class fighter in Dillashaw and won the title back. I think the fight could have gone TJ’s way, sure, but I have no problem with the judges’ decision. Maybe I’m biased, since I love a damn good comeback story.


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