At the end of the day, I don’t think St. Louis, nor Los Angeles, deserve the Rams.

I’m objective with this opinion, as I’m not from either location. However, before I continue, let me also say that I cannot empathize with fans that are fans of teams that are located where they are from. I’m from Virginia — where there are no professional sports teams. The Washington Redskins do not count — that’s D.C. The closest pro team around? To where I’m from? Probably the Carolina Panthers, and they weren’t around until 1995. The only sports program in general that I’ve followed, as a fan, based on location and familiarity, is Virginia Tech’s collegiate teams. That’s it.

Where I’m from, I’d say most people who are NFL fans are usually donning Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys gear, but I digress.

Back in 2007, when more rumors started bubbling about the Rams returning to LA, at the time it was stated the year 2015, there were a group of St. Louis (baseball) Cardinals fans saying, “Alright, good riddance! Get ’em out!” The Cards were fresh off a World Series win in 2006, and the Rams delved balls deep into a disappointing 3-13 season that year. I probably talked about Cards fans not giving a damn at the time, but I’m too lazy to go back nine years into this blog.

Your value lies in how much you win. At any rate, St. Louis will always be a baseball city no matter what. The Rams could stay in St. Louis and win six Super Bowls in a row while the baseball team falters in the NL Central to last place, and it’d still be a baseball city. Call me biased, as I’m a Cardinals fan in baseball, but there’s probably not a more passionate fanbase in that sport. Albeit, at the same time, there’d be a lot of bandwagoners around the country hopping on the Rams’ wagon, if that happened.

Of course, speaking of bandwagoners, that’s what I think of when I imagine Los Angeles pro sports teams. I know there are die-hard fans there, but when I think of a pro sports team from LA, I usually roll my eyes and think, “Meh; that’s just the celebrities’ team, the fad of the week”. Make no mistake about it, if the Rams move back to Los Angeles, they’ll gain a horde of bandwagoners for at least the first year or so based on the name “Los Angeles Rams” alone, regardless of how well the team performs on the field.

What I don’t get is… by the time the Rams moved out of LA, nobody in LA gave a shit. They lost the Raiders and Rams, yet I keep hearing, “We need professional football in Los Angeles!” Why? Why do you need pro football in LA? “Because it’s a huge, marquee city that will make the NFL money!” But the NFL is doing just fine, as is. Why do you need yet another California team in this day and age?

I’ve noticed a good amount of college football fans in the guise of USC Trojan supporters saying, “If the Rams came to LA, nobody would give a shit, because even as a college football team, the Trojans will be Southern California’s babydoll.”

Alright, then…

I just find the whole situation amusing. Both “fan” bases from both locations are comical to me. I know there are die-hards in both, but the people who were saying what they did in 2007 about the Rams wanting to change their minds, and the LA folks preaching their nonsense, both irk me. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Regardless of what happens to the Rams, I’ll be a fan. I’ve stated this multiple times. I’m not a fan of the city; I’m a fan of the team. And at the end of the day, sports are just sports. It’s all a business, baby.

I can’t wait until Rams posts on social media are no longer littered with arguments between the LA and STL crowd.

I just want the team to compete and contend. That’s all I ask for. Whether they do it in St. Louis, Missouri or Inglewood, California.


One thought on “A Quick Thought on the Rams in St. Louis and Los Angeles

  1. I have been on record from Day One Los Angeles doesn’t need or deserve one team, let alone two. Tradition is fleeing us in life in every direction. This was a foregone conclusion as it appears now. I just heard the Davis family bought some land near San Antonio. All I know is years ago Philadelphia almost lost the Eagles. And that was when it was pennies compared to what money is involved now. If the people with money want teams to be anywhere…that’s where they will be.I admire your sticking by your team Troy and not being concerned with their locale. You’re a fan of the franchise…location be damned.

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