Life has been pretty wild lately. I wanted to write a full fledged post about UFC 194 a week ago, but some unexpected occurrences came up and I wasn’t able to.

I have no doubt in my mind that Conor McGregor is going to walk away with the unified UFC featherweight title tonight. Sure, Aldo could devastate Conor’s thighs with leg kicks or even surprise us all by taking Conor to the mat and submitting him (after all, Aldo is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), but I have this uber, irrational confidence in McGregor. Aldo hasn’t fought in over a year, and he most certainly has never been hit as hard as he will be by McGregor. The “Notorious One” is more of a lightweight and could be a small welterweight if he wanted to be.

Somebody put it best a long time ago: Jose Aldo is a crazy person pretending to be normal, and Conor McGregor is a normal person pretending to be crazy. This fight blends itself so beautifully. You never know what might happen in MMA. Last night on a Fox Sports 1 card featured Frankie Edgar and Chad Mendes. I was pretty hyped going into this fight, but it ended just a little over two minutes into the first round when Edgar clipped Mendes perfectly on the jaw and dropped him with a knockout victory. This can happen in any bout.

McGregor is so calm in the octagon. Even when he’s throwing wild, spinning kicks, he’s centered. When he lands one strike he’s just as ready to land the second one afterwards. They all hurt his opponents, and he knows it. In the Mendes/McGregor fight, people like to say, “Mendes gassed early!”, but what really happened is that Conor opened up the fight by kicking Mendes square in the abdomen. He’s a proven finisher. I think McGregor is going to finish Aldo in one of the first three rounds.

Or I could be dead wrong, like usual, and Aldo could turn McGregor’s thighs into steak tartare.

Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold might be one of the toughest fights of all-time to predict. I have Chris winning by unanimous decision, but who knows?! They are so equal on the ground, albeit I’d give Chris the advantage in the standup. Luke is more athletic than Chris, and you can tell this by watching the two; Luke uses his length so well. I wanna see if Luke can manipulate Chris into getting out of his comfort zone.


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