Today’s performance convinced me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a wholesale change is needed (yet again) for the St. Louis Rams. As early as four weeks ago, I would have bristled at the thought. However, after witnessing what can only be viewed as a horrendous offensive effort of massive proportions surpassing even the ineptitude of the Steve Spagnuolo era, there’s no doubt in my mind a house cleaning is in order.

It is amazing how many wrong decisions this Rams organization has made for YEARS in all areas of football. We watch as divisional teams surpass the Rams. We watch as other teams, despite obstacles and limitations, still manage to play relevant football in December. We watch as teams hire guys like Bruce Arians and Mike Zimmer, who turn programs around. We watch as other teams somehow find a quarterback that can stay healthy and/or be productive enough to help their teams win consistently. As I’ve said before, you’d think the Rams could at least have a winning season ONE YEAR by at least sheer accident.

This is what happens when you hand over the keys to the Kingdom to one guy, who obviously has limitations when selecting offensive personnel and has an even greater inability to surround himself with good people who can. The result is an unbalanced team on whom you place tremendous pressure to compensate for the other, deficient side of the football.

Being undefeated within the division (a stat that will change in a week) is irrelevant if you can’t beat teams outside the division. And having a Todd Gurley means nothing if you can’t pass the football to keep defenses from stacking the box.

The ultimate danger sign on any sports team is regression. And you’re witnessing it in spades with the St. Louis Rams. It should (rightly) spell the end of any coaching regime, especially after four years of running things.


4 thoughts on “Jeff Fisher Must Go

  1. Well said Troy. Jeff was given a very long leash and it is now obvious to me critics have a legitimate point his longevity in the NFL should never be confused with competency. I have been one of his more staunch defenders but as these more recent years have unfolded in St. Louis it is clear he and his entire staff have to go. In fact, I’d probably jettison everyone in St.Louis except the cleaning and clerical staffs. Then again, they might have to move to LA…but let’s hope not!

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