Boxing and emotional immaturity.

Ronda Rousey is an Olympic level judoka. Not a boxer. She’s always had poor boxing, a wide, winged stance that opened her up for punches and a striking style that never looked good, even though she knocked out Bethe Correia back in August. In the past, she’d walked through a couple of punches she’d take against low level opponents that weren’t really adept in striking only to judo toss them to the mat and set them up in an armbar.

So, then, why is it that she tried to stand and box with a world class boxer, something I believed she’d have the wherewithal not to do?

Ronda’s absolute belief in herself amalgamated with her absolute domination of everybody seemed to put her in a pretty clear position mentally, and this gave her the irrational confidence to think she could stand and box with a multi-time boxing champion.

Confidence. It’s the food of the wise man, but the liquor of the fool.

“Nobody has the right to beat me.” ~ RR

This is a woman who apparently has her alarm/phone wake her up with messages like, “Hello, beautiful” or, “You’re the best, champ” or other things in the same vein, just to start her day off in a positive way. She needs an overt positive message like that. She needs something OUTSIDE of her own head to happen and be said to help keep her positive.

This is a woman who apparently sunk into a heavy heavy depression when she only got bronze medal in the Olympics. The game she talked was as big as any game anyone ever talked. Her self-confidence and arguable arrogance was absolutely through the roof… and all the while it was under constant positive reinforcement by her coaches, fans, the media, and even UFC brass. “Once ever”, “biggest star in the sport”, “she could beat men”, etc.

The way she screamed, “Nooo!” after realizing what happened when she woke up, the way she was so thoroughly dominated, the way she rushed out of the cage, and the way she is hiding her face from media… Observe.

I don’t want to say she is mentally unstable or that she has a lot of issues, but she has a ton of conditions and circumstances in terms of the type of personality/mentality she had compounded with everything that came with her success.

This loss just seems like it might be one of the most devastating and damaging losses in recent memory, not even just in terms of the physical beatdown that she had never even come CLOSE to receiving before, but in terms of how it impacts her mentality.

A lot of signs seem to be pointing to this being the type of shit that changes someone. As in, maybe her career very well be divided into clear “Before Holm, After Holm” sections.

That air of invincibility is what some people need to excel.

Michael Jordan had it, Arnold Schwarzenegger had it, it’s what drives some prime competitors.

Is it a desirable personal trait? No, but it’s what moves some people to greatness.

I’ve been wanting to post this excellent video for years, and now I’ve finally found the right time:


3 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey’s Two Biggest Problems

  1. The Madness Of Excellence…always dangerous to stereotype but admittedly it seems some of the world’s greatest artistic types did and do appear to be bat-crap crazy. You and I both know athletes who act like serial killers on the playing surface but lambs off it. Motivational behavior comes in many forms as does delusional behavior. There’s a fine line to be sure. At first I thought the negative Ronda press was coming down because of the loss…but after playing catch-up I realize she clearly was not only believing her own giddy press but recently seemed to be of the thought of herself as “next-level” i.e. closer to God than you or I. If someone needs to get in a mindset to succeed in life so be it but they best check themselves at some point to acknowledge the rest of the world is not revolving around them…and they are on occasion totally encased within a world of one. And they need to know the difference to compete in life…if not on the field of play.

  2. The negative Dana White press is building after he apparently is telling…or trying to tell…Holm she has to give Rousey a rematch immediately. The irony is neither competitor seems to want that. The champ is entitled to fight a couple of people in between and the challenger sounds like she can’t even get out of bed yet. He’s coming across like a bigger bully than Don King. I think he’s starting to self-destruct and hopefully doesn’t affect the sport much as he gets his reality check from someone…stat. In other news I commented your way we should collaborate on a future project and/or also send me your two’s Supernatural fave list. Email me!

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