I’ve been busy as hell, staying bearded (inside joke) and staying caffeinated along the way with the brand new flavor of VPX BANG, “Sour Heads” (shout out to Jack Owoc and the crew for the new creation).

The St. Louis Rams are 4-3 and Todd Gurley has rushed for over 100 yards in four consecutive games. He’s the talk of the town in the NFL and has made quite a few Rams fans forget about Steven Jackson. Watching the Rams torch the FortyWhiners this past Sunday was glorious. SanFran benched Colon Crappershit in favor of Blaine Gabbert and ensuingly traded that whiny, little dunce-muffin Vernon Davis* to the Denver Broncos. I wish the FortyWhiners would have the wherewithal to trade Anquan Boldin to the Rams, but beggars can’t be choosers.

(*I have no reservations about bashing Vernon because he’s never been a team player. He’s like the less talented, poor man’s Randy Moss of tight ends. He plays well when the team is winning and his play diminishes when the team is losing. His body language is different in both scenarios. According to longtime fans of his, he was this way in both high school and in college. Fortunately for him, and Broncos fans, Denver is a winning football club, so he should show his Dr. Jekyll side rather than busting out Mr. Hyde, hence why he’s a whiny, little dunce-muffin, whatever that means.)

Nick Foles has been so-so, but then again, anytime a new quarterback hops into a new offense — unless you are Drew Brees in 2006 — it takes time to adjust. Gurley has instilled a breath of fresh air and life into the Rams’ offense, something that’s been missing for years. Tavon Austin has also came out of his shell and has been a big difference maker this season.

I still believe Jeff Fisher is practically content with the Rams being mediocre, and that they’ll finish at around 7-9 or 8-8, just like in recent years. Make the playoffs, damn it. It’s been eleven seasons.


One thought on “Todd Gurley and the Rams

  1. I think Jeff F gets an F if he can’t take this team into the post season this season and he won’t get another year to try again. Gurley is special. I loved him in college and I hope he holds up. Vernon Davis is one of my least favorite athletes period. (Welcome back to posting!)

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