I’d like to preface this by saying that I didn’t watch the entire football game between Virginia Tech and Ohio State last night. Unfortunately, I was busy tending to more important things in connection to today, so I missed out.

I’m used to the Hokies letting fans down. The apex of Hokie Heartbreak happened in 2007, when they led Boston College 10-0 at Lane Stadium and Matt f’n Ryan led Boston College back in the 4th quarter with four minutes remaining en route to a 14-10 victory.

2007 marked an insane college football year. All the top teams were dropping games, at the time. At the time, Virginia Tech was ranked as the #8 team in America while Boston College was #2. Had they finished off BC, according to 20-20 hindsight, the Hokies would’ve been in the national title game that year. Instead, the Hokies lost, won out the rest of their games of the regular season, exacted revenge on Boston College by smoking them in the ACC title game, and then they shit the bed against Kansas in a bowl game. It’s hard to believe all of that was eight years ago.

In 2010, the other pinnacle of Hokie Heartbreak, the Hokies opened up the season by playing Boise State, and well, I don’t want to talk about it. The Hokies lost 33-30.

Last year, the Hokies beat Ohio State 35-21. I was ecstatic. The Hokies had started off the season 2-0! They were going to light the world on fire and contend in the ACC! … Yeah, that was until the following week, when VT lost to East Carolina, and a week after that they lost to Georgia Tech. They finished the season at a disappointing 6-6 record.

Last night, they rematched the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now, I figured the Hokies would lose, but they looked pretty decent at halftime. It was 17-14 Va Tech after Ohio State was leading 14-0! Well, the Buckeyes scored quickly in the second half, and when the Hokies were setting up a potential scoring drive, quarterback Michael Brewer broke his collarbone and the rest was history. The Hokies lost all their momentum and the defense, to use a term I mentioned earlier, shit the bed.

Ohio State’s offense, when it eventually gets going and is fine tuned, is going to be amazing, barring injuries. They routed the Hokies in the second half, ensuing in a 42-24 victory.

Hokie Heartbreak Part Trois.


2 thoughts on “Hokie Heartbreak

  1. It was a shame Brewer got hurt. I doubt his good health throughout the game would have changed the outcome but for awhile the Hokies held their own and had OSU at least thinking “here we go again.”

    1. Scary/sad/unfortunate/tragically ironic thing is, right before he went down, cameras caught him candidly saying to another teammate, “It’s going to take them a hell of a lot more than that to get me out.”

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