I tire of hearing the words motivationdisciplinecommitment and persistence. They are all buzzwords now. Motivation doesn’t last; discipline is only developed via habit; commitment is one facet of what you are going after; persistence is just another word for having a constant drive.

A few months ago, I’d never heard of Andy Frisella. He’s an entrepreneur, the owner of 1st Phorm International, a supplement company. 16 years ago, he and his business partner started up a supplement shop. For years, they struggled, but they pushed on, and today the two of them are raking in millions. They aren’t being funded by outside groups and all that jazz, they did it all through busting ass, being nice to people and being honest with people (“people” meaning consumers).

Andy believes he, and successful people around the globe, are obligated to share their stories and divulge their work ethics to people. “Making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.” He has a podcast and a project called MFCEO Project. What’s the project about?

Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally. From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



A lot of people are put off by the expletives he uses, but as somebody with the habit, I don’t care.

Which leads me to the acronym DTFW: do the fucking work.

Don’t procrastinate. I used to be awful about putting things off, no matter the workload, because I knew I could do it all in the end, no matter the little time I had. The problem with this is, even if you know you have the time to complete whatever it is that you must do, it stays on your mind and you’ll be drained of energy because of it. Take the time to do and finish whatever it is that you need to do now, because putting it behind you will ease the stresses from your daily life. Life becomes so much easier once you get the things you need to do out of the way. Whatever time of day where your energy is at its highest, do what you need/must do.

You can apply this mentality to all facets of life. Work, school, family life. Doesn’t matter. A lot of people whine about being in school and having a boring instructor. So what? Having the opportunity to even be in school is something a lot of people would give their lives for. My dad made straight A’s in school but he never had the opportunity to attend college. He was a huge success in his life, because albeit growing up insanely poor, he did what the hell he wanted to do and put in the work needed to do it. So many ungrateful brats bitch about the trivial things they do in their daily lives, in regards to something like going to class. Listen to your instructors and DTFW. The time is going to pass, anyway, so why not be prepared in every endeavor?

This is just something that’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks. It’s a topic that’s been hammered to death elsewhere, but you, me and everybody else will see examples of the above on a daily basis. The same people, when they don’t get what they want, they’ll tab successful people as the “lucky few” or believe that those who’ve risen to the top must have “screwed people over” or have higher levels of intelligence.

That’s all bullshit.

Supernatural levels of intelligence isn’t required, nor is an amazing memory or unworldly talent. Two things are required: 1.) work ethic, and 2.) enthusiasm.

I dare anybody reading this to outwork an enthusiastic son of a bitch. I doubt you will. So be that enthusiastic SOB.


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