Frankie Edgar is set to be ready to fight in December, and says he’ll be good to go as a replacement in the much anticipated Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor fight if need be, but he’s going to accept a fight no matter.

As much as I hate to admit this, if McGregor defeats Aldo for the featherweight title (which I suspect he will), I reckon the UFC will do whatever they can to obstruct a McGregor/Edgar fight.

We saw how McGregor would deal with a wrestler when he fought Chad Mendes last month at UFC 189. To be fair, McGregor wasn’t even training for a wrestler-based fighter (and yeah, yaddee-yaddee-yah, Mendes didn’t have a full camp) and had injured one of his knees in the leadup to the fight, but despite McGregor TKO’ing Mendes in the second round, Mendes didn’t struggle all too much keeping McGregor on the mat.

Here’s the kicker, in comparison of Chad Mendes to Frankie Edgar — Edgar pushes the pace and is more active on the ground. Mendes may be more technically sound and methodical than Edgar, but Edgar is so quick, fast and rapidly reacts to changing position, and I feel that would be the difference maker in an Edgar/McGregor bout.

I’d definitely like to see McGregor — in the future — work on improving his wrestling. I have no idea (and neither does any MMA fan) how his BJJ is.

McGregor caught Mendes in the opening of their fight with a body shot that obviously gassed Mendes. You could see Mendes try to pace himself and take deep breaths, to no avail. McGregor’s striking is devastating, and that’s why he’s my favorite fighter to watch (asides from Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald) right now; his footwork and striking precision is on another level compared to other featherweights. The potential downfalls for him will be a Frankie Edgar or leg kicks from hell served up by one Jose Aldo, Jr.


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