Philip Rivers inked a pretty kickass deal the other day (4-years, $84 million with $65 million guaranteed).

Yet the reaction of some Chargers fans (I know a few doesn’t represent the entire fanbase, so forgive me) among other NFL fans were lackluster. They complained about how he hasn’t brought the franchise anything yet.

Yep, we live in a “what have you done for me lately?” world, for sure, especially in pro sports (I’m used to MMA fans having that kind of underwhelming mentality, too). I could dig up stats that’ll show Rivers in the top 3-4 (quarterbacks-wise) of this, that or the other statistic, or bring up how he continues to rack up 4,000 yard passing seasons, but that’ll be a waste of time. I simply remember how he had that “minor” ACL tear during the 2007 postseason and still played, undauntedly, against the Colts in the AFC semi-final of the playoffs that year before losing to the perfect-at-the-time Patsies in the AFC title game.

I reckon I’m pretty used to witnessing bad quarterback play in recent history as a Rams fan (or only seeing brief windows of it in short bursts of ‘good’ play because of injuries cutting those times short).

The Chargers have had pretty garbage teams as of late, and I wonder how they would’ve fared without Rivers at quarterback? I’ve always thought Marty Schottenheimer was a damn good coach, despite his playoff failures, and he got axed a little prematurely (albeit he and A.J. Smith had beef), and instead of finding a real head coach, the Chargers acquired Norv Turner (despite perennial success as an offensive coordinator, I think he’s one of the worst head coaches of all-time) and they kept his sorry self for far too long. Perhaps Rivers’ lack of success in regards to the Chargers’ team as a whole may be due to those circumstances.

To say he doesn’t deserve the aforementioned contract, though, why not, I ask of any detractors?

Who would they replace him with?

Top level NFL quarterbacks don’t fall out of trees, or else franchises like the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t have been screwing up for so long.


7 thoughts on “Are San Diego Chargers Fans Jaded?

  1. I couldn’t agree more Troy. I think many Charger “fans” are so disengaged from reality they are about to lose their franchise and don’t care much about that either. Rivers has made the very best with the hand he has been dealt in SD and is one of the best to play the position. He’s got guts and passion…albeit no rings. I hope Charger fans wake up soon and save their team…and appreciate their QB.

    1. Yes sir! I don’t understand them. He did his best, especially in ’07 when we all remember LaDainian Tomlinson acted like a bit of a prima donna in that postseason.

      How do you see your Eagles faring this season? What’s your opinion of Chip Kelly? I’ve heard a lot of the radical Eagles fans saying a lot of different things! But you are pretty level-headed, so I was just curious. Also, is there anything I should be expecting from Nick Foles this season that I might not know about?

  2. Troy, all Eagles fans are holding their collective breath as Chip and the Chip Bots (local nickname for the team since all the stars have been sent packing and it appears he only wants players who either went to Oregon or who are OK with being treated like collegians) prepare for 2015. Bradford and Murray are being kept under wraps and off the field most of camp. The offensive line is shaking hands introducing themselves. The top LB brought in from Buffalo for Shady McCoy got a concussion…in a non-contact drill. No one following this team, fans or media alike, can honestly know what to expect. I have never, ever seen a pre-season like this in this city. I can understand you hearing a lot of different opinions. As for Nick, there are two concerns for the Rams going in based on what has come out of Philly since the trade. Obviously, he felt Foles would not get his team to the Big Game. As to why…one opinion that has creeped out is that he wasn’t the same player after getting really beat up. The other is he wasn’t appreciating being “coached up” by Kelly. I buy both reasons for Kelly moving on. What I can’t buy is Bradford, who you may recall I loved when he first arrived in St. Loo. That acronym of a leg is gonna break down and Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley or Tim Tebow will wind up being the QB. Clearly, Chip wanted to reach up in the draft and get Mariota. His rationale was/is if you can’t get a #1 or #2 QB in the draft find one a team has given up on a la Drew Brees in San Diego…you can say Peyton Manning fits that profile also. But Sam I Am is Not. The way they are protecting him so far this pre-season we’re not even sure if he’s the Week 1 starter. I hope he proves me wrong and stands on two feet all season. I just can’t see that happening…

  3. Troy, did you see Joe Buck rise up and rip Rams Owner Stan Kroenke on Twitter about pulling up stakes and heading to LA? That situation in St. Louis is very sad since they seem to have a workable, viable plan in place to keep the team…unlike San Diego and/or Oakland. I was upset when the Cardinals left St. Loo. Now this. If Buck is going off (personal interests aside) I can imagine what others are feeling.

    1. The last couple of years have been brutal on social media Rams fan pages. Even on the Rams forum I visit, there’s a constant LA vs. STL battle going on. I’ll be brutally honest: as a fan of the team and not in either location, I’m not all that emotionally affected by what the outcome might be. I do know some fans in St. Louis that are getting extremely upset about everything, though.

      Another thing: as a big time fan of the baseball Cardinals, the message board I frequent has quite a few posters on there saying, “Good riddance!” to the Rams. A lot of them are set in their ways, since STL is always going to be a baseball town, and many of those guys act like they can’t wait to see the Rams leave. I wonder if they had the same kind of mentality when the Greatest Show on Turf was going on… doubt it. Because the team has been awful (and briefly mediocre for a few years) for the last 10 seasons, they seem to be removed from the situation.

      One guy I’ve known forever, from LA, is a big time USC Trojans guy. He straight up said he doesn’t want my “stinkin’ Rams”, because the SoCal Trojans will “always be LA’s team” (his words).

      I’ve always felt like LA is the hotspot for bandwagoners. Good ol’ Hollywood… glitz and glamor. They didn’t give much of a damn about the Rams years ago. It’s a wild situation. A lot of hateful people on both sides!

      1. I find it ironic the Eagles wound up with Sam Bradford after you and I conversed over the years about how he’d potentially turn the Rams around and get them back to the glory days. Now your Rams might make a turn out of town. Thanks for the prospective from your seat. I know the baseball Cardinals have been a model of continuous excellence and, while it may indeed be a baseball town first and foremost I too refuse to believe all of St. Louis was not actively rooting during those “Greatest Show” seasons. It is also ironic a city that hasn’t shown it can handle one football team may get two. The NFL seems hell-bent on allowing this to go down in LA. I’m old enough to recall when the football Cardinals were solid and their fan base seemed expansive. Hard to believe even the most die-hard baseball fan there wouldn’t want an NFL franchise in their city to enhance a “world-class” image.. Maybe it’s an issue with the owner they are owning.

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