I saw somebody drop the quip, “Ronda Rousey charging men $70 for a minute of action since UFC 175”.

Ronda won by way of a vicious knockout of Bethe Correia last night. They stood and brawled. Ronda wanted to make a point, as she didn’t even bother tossing Bethe to the canvas (after they clinched once). She stood and banged with a brawler, caught a few shots herself and ensuingly dropped Correia after clipping her in the temple. All in 34 seconds.

Ronda’s drive, passion and heart isn’t something new. I remember watching an interview of her back in 2011, when nobody knew who she was and she was the same person back then that she is now, except in the octagon she continues getting better and better. Her dominance has brought on two types of people: those who show intense adoration for what she brings to the combat sports game or insecure detractors doing everything they can to tear her down.

Yes, the striking from Ronda looked sloppy, as she was all-out brawling, leaving her arms extended forward and not even covering up her face, but what about Bethe’s? Correia was supposed to be a proficit brawler in the 135 lb. women’s division, and she got her ass whipped by somebody with the reputation (pun not intended…) of a fighter with average (or below average) striking abilities. The kicker is that Ronda’s just getting better in that department.

People bitch, cry and whine all the time about top tier athletes getting in trouble and all that jazz, and here we have Rousey who has this Michael Jordan-esque mindset of never being complacent in her craft. It really is something else. I love studying extreme winners and knowing what’s the force behind their drive to do what they do. Unfortunately, a lot of other people seem to only want to tear them down and find flaws. Why do that? Is it projection? Insecurity?

It looks like Miesha Tate will be getting her third crack at Rousey in either December on the Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor card or on January 2nd.

I hope the Cris “Cyborg” Justino/Ronda Rousey fight will eventually happen one day. People jump on Rousey for saying she’d go up to 145 lbs. to fight Gina Carano, since Carano kick-started women’s MMA and was a pioneer, but wouldn’t fight “Cyborg” at that weight. I reckon Ronda should’ve kept her mouth closed about going up to 145 to fight Gina, but because she’s the women’s bantamweight champion, Cyborg should — drug-free — come down to 135 to fight her. However, I’d love to see Rousey go up to 145 and be challenged by the — once again, drug-free — “Cyborg”.

On a bit of an unrelated note, I roll my eyes whenever the UFC hosts a card in Brazil, because the inevitable happens. Whenever a Brazilian fighter loses, the crowd goes dead silent. It’s fucking annoying. “Well, Troy! What do you expect?! Their home fighter has lost!”, you might say. So what, dipshit? When an American fighter loses, you never get that kind of feedback from the jerkoffs in the crowd. Brazilians also love chanting, “Uh vai morrer!”, which translates to, “You will die!”


One thought on “Ronda Rousey’s Dominance is Great for the UFC

  1. When it comes to Brazil…maybe there’s something in the water there. Troy, have you seen these articles about that cesspool they plan to host several water-based Olympic events in next year down there? Now that FIFA is being dismantled the next target needs to be the IOC.

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