TJ Dillashaw has defeated Renan Barao by TKO once again, this time coming in the fourth round, last night.

How is it that a guy (Renan Barao) who is younger (28-years-old compared to the 29-year-old TJ Dillashaw), that has been in the game longer and went undefeated for so long (not losing once from 2005 until May 2014), and having almost a year to analyze and reinvent himself, come back with worse conditioning than the last time?

Renan Barao genuinely added nothing effective, whatsoever, to his gameplan in terms of countering TJ’s gameplan, and lost worse than the last time.

If Barao was already old and on his way out of MMA, I could understand it. However, he’s still so young and has so many effective tools to use. He was as helpless to TJ’s footwork than he was the last time! I wonder if he even brought a training partner to imitate TJ in his fight camp. It seems to me that he was in denial of the first loss all this time and thought he could come back and get his belt back just like that.

You know your coaches suck ass when they can’t give you technical advice between rounds. Barao’s corner was telling him, “Win! Just win!” What the fuck? All this was happening while Duane “Bang!” Ludwig was giving Dillashaw specific instructions (a la, “Don’t stand in front of him (Barao)”). Barao needs a boxing coach and legitimate sparring partners as he moves on, and y’know, consider moving up to 145 lbs.

Nice night of fights. Was pleasantly surprised to see Miesha Tate dropping bombs on Jessica Eye. Pretty cool to see “Cupcake” be active like that. Looks like we’ll get Ronda Rousey/Miesha Tate 3 if/when Rousey defeats Bethe Correira (BETCH CO-HEYA! … I dislike Portuguese pronunciations) next Saturday night.


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