I took about five to ten minutes to lurk the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers RealGM forums.

Mavs fans are (rightfully) pissed, and most Clippers ‘fans’ (I’m still wary on whether or not there are any ‘real’ Clips fans, or if they are just ‘fans’ until the Lakers become viable again) agree with their angst.

DeAndre Jordan verbally agreed to sign an $80 mil deal with the Mavs, and then last night, after a few members of the Clippers — including former Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers and my favorite all-time Celtic Paul Pierce — went to his house for a good ol’ circle jerk, he went back on his word and re-signed with the Clips.

Some bizarre shit, no? Some real, villainous shit!

I think DJ is overrated as all get out, but he does make a difference, enough to — if he left LA like he said — hinder the Clippers’ chances at a title, and now to basically send the Mavs to the gutter of the league. I say this, because now the Mavs’ roster looks like shit. I wonder if they’ll shop Chandler Parsons at around the deadline and tank? This is a sorry way to go for Dirk Nowitzki — I doubt he could’ve predicted such a thing happening after Dallas won the 2011 NBA Finals.

This is a flawed model for NBA free agency, though. What is a verbally agreed to contract worth? Furthermore, I wonder if this gets DJ into hot water with his agent, who’s apparently good pals with Mavs owner Mark Cuban?

In other news, my Celtics just acquired David Lee from the Golden State Warriors. This automatically makes him the best offensive player on the C’s.


4 thoughts on “The Crazy DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks Situation

  1. This has got to be the best evdience yet they need to tighten up this nonsense of not figuring out the cap amount until the end of June…and guys having this “warmup” period where they can verbally fake out or opt out of what they have say they will do. A lot of other dominoes were played as a result of Jordan initially saying he would go to Dallas. Sure, it’s never done until you sign on the dotted line…but other NBA teams and players decided their fate based on his stated direction…and the NBA didn’t even have the cap figure nailed down while this dead-sea chat-up period for free agents was going on. No one did anything wrong here…the system is broken…except it sounds like Jordan didn’t even directly contact Dallas to say he was changing his mind. That was lame.

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