Alright, MusclePharm. I was given two cans of this infamous (in my mind) energy drink from that company. I like to be repetitive and to rehash things, and sticking with that narrative, I’m doing a rereview of MusclePharm’s Energy Sport Zero, of the good ol’ power punch variety.

musclepharm energy sport zero

Nothing has changed from what I’ve already bloviated about. MusclePharm is a pretty solid supplement company. Their protein powders are pretty good, and their Arnold line isn’t half bad. Their Combat Crunch protein bars are the best tasting bars on the market (unfortunately, they are also overpriced at $3.40 a bar; Quest Nutrition’s Quest Bars are a better value, despite Combat Crunch tasting fifty times better — Cinnamon Twist for the win). The thing is, MusclePharm fails at energy drinks, especially when stood up against VPX’s BANG energy or BioTest’s SPIKE energy drinks.

Why you might like MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero (Power Punch):
~ The taste is more along the lines of mango guava than power punch, and it’s pretty damn tasty.
~ If you are caffeine sensitive, the little amount of caffeine (120mg) that MP Energy Sport Zero packs will likely be enough for you.
~ You have a poor taste in energy drinks. (Semi-kidding.)

Why, if you are like me, MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero is a poor value as a consumer:
~ Only 120mg of caffeine compared to higher quality, innovative and lower priced energy drinks like VPX’s BANG energy (300mg of caffeine) or BioTest’s SPIKE energy drinks (300mg in the Shooter and 350mg in the Shotgun).
~ Cheap ingredients. MusclePharm was too lazy and stubborn to opt to use the highest, bioavailable, active form of vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin, which is what VPX’s BANG energy and BioTest’s SPIKE energy drinks thankfully use), and instead uses the cheap, unable-to-be-absorbed by the body cyanocobalamin version of B12.
~ MP Energy Sport is a one hit wonder. There’s beta-alanine and that’s about the only interesting thing about the drink, because outside of that ingredient it’s virtually the same exact drink that any regular Redbull, Monster, Rockstar, Nos, Amp, etc. is.
~ Like I said, MP Energy Sport is higher priced than drinks that are higher quality and pack a stronger punch, which makes zero sense, but hey, MusclePharm is surviving on its own name and their followers are lapping these drinks up despite the low quality ingredients and minimal amonut of caffeine.


2 thoughts on “MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero (Power Punch) Re-Review

    1. Word up. Thanks for commenting.

      I don’t have a problem with MusclePharm. I just think they were eager to join the energy drink foray and lazily created a product. I can’t blame them, though, because they knew their followers would lap up whatever they put out on the market.

      Their Combat Crunch protein bars are fucking incredible, but at $3.40, they are overpriced (despite the fact that I hypocritically bought a box of the cinnamon twist bars — couldn’t resist). Quest Bars are a better value due to the pricing difference, even though CC bars are so much more delicious.

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