Just as it seemed, Chad “Mini” Mendes is stepping in to replace Jose Aldo at UFC 189 to face Conor McGregor.

Oh well.

Looks like this will be a 5-round grindfest that culminates in Mendes outpointing and attempting to wrestle McGregor for five rounds so that we can get Mendes/Aldo III.

Meh. Fuck that overwrought and trite prediction that everybody seems to be having. McGregor is something special. He’s a southpaw and that’s going to give ‘midget’ Mendes fits. Mendes is all about movement and closing the gap, which could give McGregor problems, but Conor’s movement is going to be the difference maker. He’s going to ‘snipe’ strikes at Mendes, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a McGregor TKO victory, which would augment the hype for the inevitable McGregor/Aldo bout that much more.

Don’t allow the detractors to fool you.


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