Whether or not the card is still on, if Chad Mendes replaces Jose Aldo in the main event vs. Conor McGregor, the card is ruined.

On social media sites the last couple of days, all people have been non-stop thinking and talking about is the Confederate flag being banished and gay marriage being legalized everywhere in the U.S., and all I can goddamn talk about is how Jose motherfucking Aldo got hurt during the training for his title defense against Conor McGregor.

One report indicates a fracture and the other a bone bruise.

This is frustrating for likewise fans who’ve been looking forward to this fight all year long. A final decision will be made this upcoming week on whether or not he’ll fight.

In the meantime, the second option would be Chad Mendes stepping up to face Conor in an interim featherweight title fight. Fuck that. Why not Frankie Edgar? Edgar isn’t my favorite fighter in the world, and he gets a lot of slack for point fighting, but Mendes just fought for the featherweight title last October (when Edgar hasn’t had a crack at it since February 2013). In any account, Aldo/McGregor is what everybody wants to see, and anything less would be a massive disappointment.

In other news, Yoel Romero destroyed Lyoto Machida with elbows (TKO) in the third round of their fight last night on Fox Sports 1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Romero pisses dirty. He had no gas tank in previous fights against Derrick Brunson or Tim Kennedy, yet in this one he had impeccable cardio. Seems a little suspect. Or maybe my suspicions are wrong and he legitimately placed an emphasis on cardiovascular training in the leadup to this fight.


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