The city of Cleveland doesn’t deserve an NBA title, but if LeBron doesn’t opt out of his contract this summer, and he decides to return, LeBron will be back. You detractors know that, loud and clear, correct?

LeBron can realistically play until he’s 40 or 41 years old. Barring injury, of course. That’s another 10 or 11 years in the Association. Before you scream, “Troy, you are fucking nuts!”, listen… his game is built to subsist. He’s naturally a deferrer; a pass-first player. One of the reasons I believe his detractors get so angry is that he’s not a score-first player. They want to see him play in the same vein as a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, shooting guards. But he’s more of a point forward, a Magic Johnson type of player. He’s a freight train at what? 250 lbs.? He could score at will if he really wanted to, and he was very aggressive in the NBA Finals (because he had to be!), but that’s not his style.

Because he’s a natural deferrer, a pass-first player, and the fact that he’s generally well liked among players in the league and not seen as an arrogant me-first guy (Kobe), players around the league will flock to wherever LeBron is to chase a title, and then detractors will cry about it online and claim that he “can’t win without help” even though none of their basketball heroes won “without help”, either.

Damn it, I’m a Celtics fan and a Spurs apologist and shouldn’t even be defending LeBron, but because there’s so many ignorant dunces spewing nonsense about LeBron, one must play devil’s advocate, no?


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