Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA Finals last night. I’m glad they won; once again, I feel like the city of Cleveland does not deserve a basketball title after the way they acted from 2010 to 2014 over LeBron James.

Mark Jackson should get an NBA ring. From the moment Steve Kerr started Andre Iguodala (Finals MVP), the Warriors went on to win three games in a row over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kerr used Jackson’s lineup. I still feel that he was unfairly booted out of Golden State. I reckon it’s because Jackson is religious man and was coaching in the most liberal place in all of America — the bay area in California, and the franchise merely didn’t care for his ideals. People liked to say, “Jackson wanted too much control within the organization!” Kerr doesn’t? Warriors fans should be lining up on their knees with their lips ready for Mark Jackson, because his lineup constructed this NBA title for Kerr and their pro basketball team.

The Warriors definitely caught a lucky break. They played a one-man team in the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the playoffs since Jrue Holliday was out. They played a Memphis Grizzlies team that was hobbled by injuries (and Mike Conley missed two games). They played a Houston Rockets team that shouldn’t have even been in the Western Conference Finals (the Los Angeles Clippers choked). In the NBA Finals, outside of game one Stephen Curry and Co. never had to worry about Kyrie Irving.

Imagine if Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder had made the playoffs. Sure, the Clippers would’ve likely survived round one, but Westbrook would have had Stephen Curry’s ass on a platter.

All in all, I’m not too impressed by the Warriors’ Finals win. I picked them to win in 5, even when Kyrie Irving was expected to play. Without Kyrie, they should have swept the series. Without LeBron James, that Cavs team is a 19 win squad. They were abysmal even with Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love? The Minnesota Timberwolves were atrocious even when he was there! By the way, if Love leaves Cleveland, while LeBron is still there, he’s a molecular structured idiot. The Cavs — with LeBron — will be back and they’ll win titles, despite how I feel that the city of Cleveland doesn’t deserve one in the realm of basketball. I digress.

Too bad Kawhi Leonard shit the bed and the San Antonio Spurs choked against the Clippers. So much happened in the west that paved the way for the Warriors to earn a title. In the end, it was basically the Warriors vs. themselves. Of course, they came close to choking the series away to Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert and JR Smith. Can I get a, “LMAO!!!” out of that? Heh.

By the way, seven years ago on this day — Tuesday, June 17, 2008 — the Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA title. Damn, I miss the summer of 2008. That was a great summer, and a great year, to boot!


3 thoughts on “Did the Warriors Luck Their Way to an NBA Title?

    1. No doubt. I was. I will always feel like they would’ve faltered against San Antonio. Their biggest challenge was an injury plagued Memphis team, and then of course the decimated Cavs, who were often unphased in the Finals until fatigue set in, and the much deeper Golden State roster outlasted the One Man Crew in Cleveland.

      The biggest luck of the draw may have been playing Houston in the WCF. Despite Poor Man Kobe AKA James Harden being an MVP caliber player (at least on offense), that Houston team’s offense resembles something out of NBA 2K.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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