He’s a submission artist thanks to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an art he’s perfected in his career.

He was the first fighter to ever defeat the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, he submitted the legendary “Big Nog” (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira — who virtually never gets subbed by opponents) and became the first ever fighter to submit Cain Velasquez, in which he did this past Saturday night by way of a third round guillotine choke to capture the UFC heavyweight title.

It wasn’t surprising that Cain’s ring rust was apparent or that the altitude defaced the misnomer of a nickname, “Cardio Cain”, but what was truly surprising is how Werdum outperformed Velasquez in the standup. Cain isn’t great in his standup, but certainly I figured he’d always been better than Werdum. After the first round, Cain was finished. He should’ve been training in the high altitudes like Werdum, but I digress.

Who’s next for Werdum? Biasedly, I hope Junior dos Santos gets the title shot. He knocked out Werdum seven years ago, and as much as Werdum has improved on his feet I reckon JdS would pose the biggest threat to steal the title. Of course, Andrei Arlovski makes a lot of sense, given that he’s on a four fight win streak. I don’t understand people vouching for Stipe Miocic to get a title shot — he just lost to JdS back in December… unless you want to apply the “Alexander Gustafsson/Chael Sonnen rule” in which it’s evidently an unwritten rule that a fighter should get a title shot off a loss. (Chael Sonnen lost to Anderson Silva in a Middleweight title fight in July 2012 only to get a Light Heavyweight title shot against Jon Jones in April 2013 while Alexander Gustafsson was destroyed by Rumble Johnson back in January only to now receive a Light Heavyweight title shot against Daniel Cormier soon!)


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