Cool shit. I’m called ’em overrated earlier in the season, and now they are gonna go ahead and win the title. I reckon the San Antonio Spurs would have beaten them had they played in the postseason, but San Antonio shit on themselves in the first round against the LA Clippers, so that matchup never happened, and the Warriors ended up playing a one-man team in Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans, a beaten and bruised (but tough) Memphis Grizzlies team in the second round, and a “what the fuck is this NBA Live 2004 shit?” Houston Rockets team that mirror exactly that: a weird video game (to stay on the same page, the Warriors sometimes look like they are depicting video game basketball too).

But hey, is Stephen Curry really having that great of a postseason or did he catch four consecutive lucky breaks?

Pelicans — Jrue holiday was already out
Grizzles — Mike Conley missed two games
Rockets — Patrick Beverly was already out
Cavs — Kyrie Irving is out for the season

Curry is a pretty subpar defender. He doesn’t have a big frame. Kyrie Irving, while hurt in game one, was putting on a pretty show. But now it’s the Warriors’ Finals to lose, with Irving, Kevin Love and Anderson Varejao out for the Finals. This just goes to validate the greatness of LeBron James. Sure, the East is pretty awful (I never believed in the Hawks — no stars!), but for LeBron to go to five consecutive Finals, the first guy to really do so since the era of the Pride and Glory of the 1960s’ Boston Celtics, that’s P-a-F (phenomenal as fuck)…

So, the writing is on the wall. Game two is tonight. I am, unobjectively, rooting for the Warriors. As much as I’ve been a fan of LeBron since his rookie debut against the Sacramento Kings, and how I’d root for him if he was anywhere else (sans the Lakers), I cannot root for the Cavs. I just can’t. Cleveland sports fans, and I mean basketball fans (so I’m excluding Browns and Indians fans), are the most hypocritical bunch of shitheads in all of sports. From burning LeBron’s jersey in 2010 when he left to Miami to lining up on their knees for him all this time later. That’s pathetic, to me. I live by the motto, “Love your life; like your sports”. Basketball is a game. He’s merely a professional athlete. He was nothing but gracious to the city of Cleveland. They harbored a hate for LeBron for years until — wow! — he magically comes back and all of a sudden Cleveland basketball fans are shitting sunshine and rainbows. Dipshits. LeBron is the greatest thing to ever happen to the city of Cleveland (when it comes to sports). Jim Brown’s old ass in the old days of football can take a backseat (I’ll also deduct ‘legend’ points from Jim Brown on account that he’s allegedly a complete ass goblin).

Anyhow, anywho, you can stick a fork in the Cavs, but I will say this — if a healthy Kyrie Irving resurfaces in the upcoming year(s) and Kevin Love wises up and decides to stay in Cleveland (it remains to be seen if he’s smart enough for that), the Cavs will inevitably return to the Finals and Cleveland sports fans will see their home basketball team capture a few titles even though they don’t deserve it.


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