Some dumbfuck from Bloody Elbow dubbed Frankie Edgar a “point fighter extraordinaire”. Everybody has a right to an opinion, but some of that site’s writers must be terribly bored. On Saturday morning (here in the states), over in the Philippines, Edgar defeated Urijah Faber by unanimous decision, and it’s pretty damn clear he’ll take the winner of this July’s Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor showdown.

I’m not the biggest fan of Edgar. I was a big BJ Penn fan, when Edgar defeated him twice in 2010 to regain the lightweight title. He had a formidable run as lightweight champ in 2010 and 2011 (the bouts with Gray Maynard) before he was merked by the much larger Benson Henderson in 2012. Edgar is not a big time finisher (sure, he finished the 2014 oldman version of BJ Penn and defeated Cub Swanson at the very end of a five round fight), but purely a pointfighter? Eh…

How about taking into consideration that Edgar has been consistently fighting guys that are 10 to 25 pounds heavier than he is at lightweight? It’s exceptional how good he is. His footwork is up there at the top. Edgar would barely, if at all, cut weight as a lightweight fighter. You are not going to be knocking people out who are that much bigger than you, taking that into account.

Also, take into consideration the level of competition Edgar has faced. When was the last time Urijah Faber was finished? (Yes, Faber was defeated by Renan Barao by  TKO last February, but that was an extremely early and controversial call by Herb Dean that I’m failing to count it.) All the top guys are hard to finish (this is my argument for Georges St.-Pierre detractors, too). When was Jose Aldo ever finished by an opponent? He hasn’t lost in nine years (2006). We can also call Aldo a pointfighter if Edgar is one. Hell, Aldo’s career has been made off of “pointfighting”.


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