“As it is, the school of boxing is rapidly dying out, and when the professors of the present day have passed away it will be hard to say where the new ones are to come from.”
— said in 1879 by Professor Ned Donnelly, “The Art of Boxing”

“Professional boxing is dying a natural death“
— said in 1913, by the LA Times

“Boxing Is Dying Out!”
— said in 1923, another headline from the LA Times

“Jack Dempsey knows his own game. When he says boxing will be washed up within a year, unless something’s done, he’s talking straight from his heart.”
— said in 1937

“The game of boxing is dying today because the boys do not know how to box. There is no one to teach them how and they won’t work anyway”.
— said in 1940 by the LA Times again

“The experts have been saying for years that boxing is dying because kids no longer are hungry, because boxing no longer is the way for a poor kid to get rich quick.”
— said in 1963, LA Times….again…….

“And when the black man starts to excel in another particular sport the question starts floating around: “Is boxing dying?”
— said in 1969 by Eldridge Cleaver

“Boxing right now is dying with its superstar Muhammad Ali fighting competitors not worthy to try for his crown.”
— said by Black Belt Magazine, 1976

“Although I might like to be a lecturer ” If, as claims, “boxing is dead when I’m not involved,” what will happen to the sport when he does finally retire’
— said in 1977, Muhammad Ali

Mayweather-Pac and the Death of Boxing?
“The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was boxing’s swan song. Without the buzz and possibility of a rematch with a Pacquiao win, Dana White, UFC and mix martial arts will consume the fighting world, if they hadn’t already”
— said in 2015 by Forbes.com

Hmm… apparently boxing has been dying since the 1870s.

Boxing will never die. Combat sports will always be around. Is boxing in a good place? No. It’s been corrupt for years. Too many unknown champs, too many organizations, no single governing body. Too many issues. Dead? Heh. What an ignorant proclamation.


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