Two evenings away, ladies and gentlemen. I can’t wait. I’m rocking my Freddie Roach Roots of Fight t-shirt. Obviously, I want Manny Pacquiao to shock the world and break the internet with a knockout victory over Floyd Mayweather, Jr. That would be emphatic and instrumental in putting boxing back on the map for a little bit. Objectively, do I see it happening? Well…

Floyd Mayweather is a pugilistic god. Personally, I think he’s a garbage human being considering his track record (look his past up yourself), but inside the boxing ring, he’s an artist. He’s a defensive mastermind and an intelligent counter-striker. He’s 47-0 for those two reasons. With that being said, Floyd doesn’t harbor a lot of power in his punches. Unless he catches Pacquiao, Mayweather isn’t going to knock him out.

That (obviously) means Mayweather will need to win by a decision. The one thing that Mayweather has never had to deal with is the movement AND volume of punches (with substantial power) that Manny Pacquiao can and will bring to the table.

Ricky Hatton brought the volume but not the movement to match it. Shane Mosley brought the speed and movement but not the volume of punches to threaten Floyd, but Mosley hurt Mayweather. I think, in the end, Mayweather will defeat Pacquiao, because he is so damn crafty. But I do think it is well within the possibility that Manny knocks out Mayweather. Floyd’s chin has never truly been tested in his career; he’s remained pretty much unscathed, and that is an ode to his defensive prowess in the ring.

This fight should have happened in 2010. I can’t stop saying it. Both of these guys have been pros since 1996. That’s a long time. Both are still obviously good and have matured in their dojos, but neither are in their prime. Still yet, when Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali met in the Thrilla in Manila, neither were in their prime and it turned into one of the greatest fights in history.


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