I follow the St. Louis Cardinals, lightly pay attention to the Atlanta Braves, and outside of that, I don’t pay much attention to whatever else is happening in baseball. The 162-game regular season isn’t my cup of tea (although cheap beer and summertime ball do go hand in hand and I love it), albeit I do love the postseason, as long as my Cards are involved and hopefully not playing the San Francisco Giants. I digress.

The notorious Barry Bonds recently started talking about the hatred towards the liar and cheater Alex Rodriguez. I don’t really give a shit about adding commentary in regards to that. I just want to roll my eyes that, with the aforementioned news, a shithorde of the angriest and loudest “they cheated!” voices start being doled out by the usual sports/baseball fans. These guys and gals apparently don’t even know the history of the game they are attempting to defend when they attack Bonds and A-Rod.

These people feel like Bonds and A-Rod fooled ’em. In reality, they are ignorant of the fact that baseball, much like virtually every sport, has never been ‘clean’.

Anabolic steroids and other PED (performance enhancing drugs) use wasn’t just invented in the damn ’90s. Legends Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle were both “dopers”, y’know. Hell, the word “doping” comes from a Dutch word for “doop”, which was the performance enhancing drug of choice for ancient Greece… Yeah, BC… But I digress. Back to baseball.

In 1958, steroids were approved by the FDA and sold OVER THE COUNTER (read that again, please). It wasn’t until 1990 that they became a controlled substance. Steroids existed for decades before then and, prior to that, players were injecting themselves with everything from testosterone to ground up animal testicles… Babe Ruth was known for injecting himself with a concoction of sheep testicles. Just sayin’. Hotdogs and beer, be damned.

Also, Jose Canseco wasn’t the one that broke all the stories. In 1960, George Walsh wrote an eye-opening expose on PED use in Sports Illustrated. The article’s title was, “Our Drug-Happy Athletes”.

HGH (human growth hormone) is also not something that’s all that new, either. In 1982, Dan Duchaine wrote a book called, “Underground Steroid handbook” and in it he discussed the use of HGH as a PED. The Olympic committee banned it back in 1989 after decades of suspected use.

As for ‘greenies’, the MLB should let up on players using stimulants nowadays. The biggest reason for lower scores throughout the duration of the season is because everyday players are so fucking tired from being on the grind.


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