Bo Ryan is a bumrat schmuck.

I reckon I’m a few days late in touching on this topic, but the truth remains. The Wisconsin Badgers’ basketball program’s head coach bashed the “one-and-done” college basketball shindig following the Badgers’ 5-point loss to the greatest college basketball head coach of all-time, Mike Krzyzewski, and the Duke Blue Devils. He called it “rent-a-player”, before backpedaling and trying to say that he was talking about “fifth year seniors using an extra year of eligibility”. Bullshit.

I learned to definitively look past other people’s bullshit a while back. I spent the years 2008-2011 with the biggest liar I’ve ever met in my entire life (well, she was more of a liar in 2010-2011 and beyond more than any of the other two mentioned years, but I digress), and nowadays it’s so goddamn easy to spot that kind of backpedaling, “Well, what I meant is…” garbage behavior, the same kind that “Bumrat Bo” Ryan engaged in.

The bottom line is that Bo Ryan would take a “one-and-done” player in a heartbeat. In fact, his program has went after ’em but has failed to obtain them. His Badgers had the advantage of keeping players for multiple years for the sake of continuity. What happened to Wisconsin in the national title game is that talent won out. Duke has better players. And it showed down the stretch. It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.

I love it when Duke’s basketball program wins. So much anger and outrage everywhere on the internet.


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