To hell with it (again). I’m going to go ahead and be biased about college basketball.

I watched about ten minutes of college basketball this year (regular season-wise). That increased when the tournament began last week and I eclipsed that mark, but my disinterest in most of the college version of the game increases year to year. Back in high school, I loved college basketball, because I’d get together with a couple of friends and a few teachers and we’d debate and rag on each other over teams. I always loved Duke, because they are so hated. I admire their program — it’s a school predicated on students achieving and maintaining elite academic status and, for its basketball players, a top notch program led by the greatest college basketball coach ever, Mike Krzyzewski. (Save the John Wooden and Dean Smith (RIP to both) comments…)

With that said, I hate the 35 second shot clock; I’d love for the NCAA to reduce it to 24, or at least 28-30 seconds. I hate how so many head coaches micromanage games and treat every possession like a do-or-die situation. It’s not fun. It’s not entertaining. It’s boring as fuck. And among my friends, I’ve openly rooted for big schools with entertaining offenses to win out in this tournament, because I hate the “first to 55 points wins!” bullshit.

Kentucky smashed West by gawd Virginia last night. They’ll defeat Notre Dame on Saturday. I haven’t wrote a thing about those Kentucky Wildcats on here… they are 37-0.

I don’t have any sources, but the ratings for college basketball have been god awful. A Kentucky/Duke national title game would see a significant (understatement) spike in ratings. Asides from the fact that people would be excited to see whether or not this Kentucky team can finish an undefeated season, Kentucky and Duke are prestigious programs with a contentious, rivalry-riddled history with one another. It would be a fun and exciting national title game. Just saying. Both have offenses that are worth a damn. Neither head coach ‘over-coaches’.

To hell with Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Arizona and the rest of ’em. I just want to see quality, exciting basketball. Give me a Kentucky vs. Duke national title game.

(One more note: another reason it’d be compelling to watch is the fact that Kentucky and Duke are so hated among a lot of people, creating more interest. People watch, in sports more than anything, teams they hate more than the teams they love. Why? I reckon it’s something to do with the desire of watching the said hated team(s) fall.)


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