UFC 184 ended emphatically. Armbar in fourteen seconds by the women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey.

What the fuck was Cat Zingano thinking, shooting in on Ronda in the inception of the fight? Why? How did her team in Colorado go into this fight believing they should have her doing that against a former Olympian and judo specialist in RR? Within moments, Rousey flipped her around, caught her arm and Zingano ensued to tap.

It’s time for Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino and Ronda Rousey to fight. No more waiting. No more bullshit. This has to happen. There’s nobody left in the women’s bantamweight division that is going to give Ronda a run for her money. Holly Holm looked unimpressive in her UFC debut last night against Raquel Pennington, and Ronda would destroy another name that’s out there: Beth Correia.

The fight with ‘Cyborg’ doesn’t even need to be a women’s bantamweight title fight. It could be a fight at 145 pounds. It befuddles me that Rousey said she’d fight Gina Carano at 145, but won’t go there for ‘Cyborg’. She said the reason she’d fight Carano is because GC was a pioneer in women’s MMA, and without her none of this would’ve ever been possible. I think that’s an excuse comprised of 100% grade-A weak sauce. Carano hasn’t fought since July 2009, and even though the summer of 2009 feels like yesterday to me, that was nearly six years ago. Rousey would destroy her.

Questions around ‘Cyborg’ potentially failing a drug test for steroids is a weak inquiry and argument, too, as she’s tested fine, dandy and clear since 2011-2012. The only thing she has been busted with in recent memory is a fat burning stimulant/supplement.

This fight needs to happen. Rousey’s legacy needs it, or else everybody will roll their eyes and think, “Well, every opponent Rousey faced was subpar and didn’t have anywhere near the tools to beat her!” ‘Cyborg’ has the tools. However, honestly, I reckon Ronda could beat her. RR fights like she’s tall and I could see her outmaneuvering ‘Cyborg’ with her judo.

Make this fight happen, Dana White/Lorenzo Ferttita! Come on!


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