Steroids, HGH, amphetamines, etc. will always exist in athletic competition, and every day there will be newer PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) being developed for athletes to use. Money and competitive gains (“gainzzz“) run the gamut. Facts are facts.

Football? Sixteen games a regular season, including more if your team makes the playoffs. These athletic freaks are ramming their bodies against one another every weekend, sans for one measly bye week, all season long. I’m alright with football players being able to take HGH (human growth hormone) for recovery, because their bodies would reap recovery rewards, and the fans would win. People who want more football games — like eightteen regular season games — are nuts. Less is more, folks. I’m OK with having only two preseason games, to be perfectly honest. More games mean more injuries, which means shorter careers.

Baseball? Go ahead and call my opinion invalid, because I am only going to speak from a fan’s perspective: I love home runs. I loved it when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were banging balls out of the park in ’98. It was awesome when Barry Bonds was going off in 2001. I don’t have a reason for not caring about performance enhancers in baseball outside of being a simple minded fan who loves some home runs! But that’s only from a fan standpoint. Those pitching duels are pretty awesome in the postseason, but I can’t watch them during the regular season. I love my Cardinals, but 162 regular season games… I just have too much to do and no time to sit down and deal with the regular season grind. Now, playoffs? I love that shit. It’s intense and the tension is high.

Basketball? Not going to touch this sport, because I’m more-so referring to sports that involve heavy contact (then why did I mention baseball, you ask? Because baseball has been rooted in PED-related controversy for so long; it might as well be the posterchild for the two words, “anabolic steroids”… outside of competitive bodybuilding).

Hockey? Don’t know so much about hockey, other than what I wrote in this post a year ago about the hostile shitheel from the Boston Bruins. Where I live, this side of the country, nobody cares about the sport and the coverage is so low. My only experience with hockey is from the old NHL Hitz (if they made a new one, I’d get it, because that game was the shit) and the NHL 2K games from the early 2000s. HGH would probably help those guys, too. I do think the involved fighting in the sport of hockey is comical, though. They look like preteen girls flailing their arms at one another. It’s just fucking funny to me, being a combat sports enthusiast and competitor and see these guys on a hockey rink not able to throw an accurate punch because they are in skates and gawky pads.

Now here’s where it gets tricky….

Combat sports. And I’m going to specifically refer to mixed martial arts, my favorite sport of all (right there with boxing, but again, I’m going to directly talk about MMA), after Anderson “the Spider” Silva tested positive for multiple steroids and in regards to the pending (in June) rule/guideline that, if caught using PEDs like ‘roids, you’ll be banned for 2-4 years by the UFC. If I’m wrong about this — what I just wrote — I’d like for somebody in the comments section to correct me on the intricacies of the whole ordeal.

I’m not OK with PEDs at all in MMA.

Are they going to be used, still? Of course. Of course. Of course. Because some of these guys, when they lose, instead of looking at the holes in their training and/or simply not being as good as their opponent(s), they’ll roll with PEDs, and when they do, and they win, they believe the PEDs played a role and the cycle begins and continues with that.

I don’t care if guys use PEDs in most sports, because frankly it makes them more exciting (my simple minded fan-fueld point of view). But, but, but… when the sport involves one man trying to beat up another man, and that other man is not on PEDs, then I can’t stomach it. Just no. I love the sport of MMA too much, and as a man who competes and has competed, if my opponent is going to be ahead of the curve and juiced to the gills, then that’s some fucking bullshit.

But, in general, I simply prefer a fair, level playing field. Experience has just convinced me that this goes on all the time and, for the most part, the story is just in who we catch. Maybe some fighters don’t use and maybe a lot of them only use various PEDs for specific reasons or things, like when they have an injury. However, it just seems such an impossible issue to deal with sometimes. Science is only getting better and better at this. Meanwhile the money and expertise to do the best testing available is lagging so far behind, I feel like we’re just barely scratching the surface of the issues we’ll see as medicine and profit motive in sports combine.

Hopefully this impending ban, rule and harsh suspension will deter a lot of guys from using PEDs in MMA, because two to four years off your career will certainly do some damage to a fighter’s psyche and skillset. That’s a loooong time in sports, especially MMA. Cain Velasquez is coming back to defend his UFC heavyweight title in June, against Fabricio Werdum, at UFC 188 after having not fought since October 2013. That’s a long layoff. Imagine two to four years.


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