It’s the All-Star Break and I’ve been pretty ho-hum about my Boston Celtics this season outside of sprinkling a few thoughts in posts here and there.

That said, I’ve never liked Kelly Olynyk. From his final year at Gonzaga when he was garnering hype, I haven’t been a fan and was despondent as hell when the Celtics picked him up. He has that goofy, lanky playing style that never gels in the NBA unless that goofy, lanky player with the said style is an outright hustler on the court, willing to get into some Marvin Hagler-esque, dirty dude scraps. Olynyk really isn’t that kind of guy.

The Celtics have been pretty damn competitive over the last month, and I reckon there is a correlation nobody wants to concede — The C’s “turning point”, so to speak, this season coincided with the injury to Olynyk. I still want the team to tank for a lottery pick, because, well, being “average” or “middle of the pack” in the NBA — like I always say — is a waste of fucking time. It’s better to be great or god awful in the Association.

Anywho, Olynyk undoubtedly has offensive skills. He’s just not pro basketball material. The guy can’t play defense, and he has zero presence in the paint. His improvements are so minuscully incremental and he commits far too many fouls for what he’s worth. The team loses ground every time he’s on the court. It’s blatantly obvious that his teammates don’t trust him on the court (if you are watching the games).

Over a year in and there’s no evidence he has learned to play in the Association. He should be barred from taking ANY 3-point shots unless and until he can show this team he’s at their level of defense, intensity and its overall learning curve. In short, Olynyk should be traded. He does not belong on the Celtics.

I see people saying, “Celtics fans, you deserve to see this team be competitive!” Well, yeah, I agree, we do, but a first round exit and continued mediocrity isn’t what I want to see.


3 thoughts on “The Celtics Should Trade Kelly Olynyk

  1. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the NBA trades that took place. I like the moves that the Celtics made (thought they didn’t listen to your trade request), but I think that the winner of the trade deadline had to be OKC. Yes, I am a Thunder fan (was a Sonics fan before they moved), and I am very happy that they finally rid themselves of Kendrick Perkins and his god-awful stat line.

    1. Hey brother, my bad for the late reply. Saw your comment first on my phone but didn’t want to type out a comment from there. I’m liking the Isaiah Thomas move for the Celtics so far. (Hey, easy to say, I reckon — he hit the game winning vs. the Suns last night!) I hope everything works out for your OKC boys. Westbrook has been on fire. I haven’t kept up with many other things outside of the Celtics asides from random chatter I hear about from time to time on ESPN. Do you think KD should risk returning or would you rather see him take off a substantial amount of time?

      1. No worries. I think that they should be cautious with KD for the rest of the season. With that being said, I would keep him out until the playoffs (pretty sure they will make it). With the pieces that OKC added in Kanter, Singler, Waiters, Novak, and Augustin, they look pretty good without KD and Westbrook seems to have figured out that the team functions better when he has more than ten assists in a game. I could see OKC ending up in the 5-7 seed range and they could be deadly in the playoffs with the new pieces they’ve added. I’ve watched the last two games (Nuggets and Pacers) and they are scoring in bunches. Waiters wasn’t used properly in Cleveland and that has become very obvious. Morale seems to be high for the team right now, and Westbrook is becoming a dominating presence in KDs absence.

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