My original thoughts on UFC 183. Nick Diaz went into the octagon for the paycheck to perform as a clown at Anderson Silva's welcome back party.
My original thoughts on UFC 183. Nick Diaz went into the octagon for the paycheck to perform as a clown at Anderson Silva’s welcome back party.

I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that top athletes in pro sports are probably doing something illicit to be there. I do think those elite athletes work hard at what they do (obviously), but to remain playing/performing at such a high level past a certain age or to remain contending at the top has to entail some kind of trivial activities going on behind the scenes.

I’ve always believed that Anderson Silva, my favorite all-time fighter to watch, was true to the sport of fighting, that he was kicking ass naturally and doing so because he’s the best in the world. Yesterday it was revealed that he’d tested positive before his fight on Saturday with Nick Diaz for drostanolone, an anabolic steroid. And then, earlier today, it was revealed he’d also tested positive for another anabolic steroid, androsterone.

I reckon I was naive to think the above of Silva. Now I believe Silva’s oldest son might get his wish (his son wants him to retire from fighting).

Now I’m going to assume all top fighters are juiced to the gills and are using something to have a competitive edge. I no longer feel that Anderson Silva is the greatest mixed martial artist ever. I always, however naively, believed what he was doing in the octagon, all the Matrix-esque movements and dominant striking and accuracy of said strikes along with his athletic abilities, were derived from natural talent. But nope. In a pre-fight test, he tested positive for drostanolone, and today, androsterone, two anabolic steroids. What a shame. This is like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real as a child. It doesn’t matter if Silva used the two anabolic steroids once. We now have to question his legacy in fighting. Now one must say that the greatest of all-time discussion must be whittled down to two men: Fedor Emelianenko and Georges St.-Pierre.


Oh, and Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana, but that’s unsurprising. Marijuana tests positive for Nick Diaz.


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