They can be summed up in one picture:


This game will not be remembered as the New England Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl after a ten year drought. It will be regarded with the nickname, “The Call” or some variation of it.

Enough people have talked about the decision to not give Marshawn Lynch, a running back with a north-south linebacker mentality, the football a half-yard away from the endzone. On the last actual play of the Super Bowl, the Seahawks became the first team all season long to throw an interception on the 1-yard line. They squandered a Super Bowl away, and they deserved for that to happen.*

Six years ago from last night, on February 1, 2009, in Super Bowl XLIII, Kurt Warner passed on the 1-yard line on the very last play before halftime, in which the ball was picked off by James Harrison and returned for a touchdown. The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals that night. It’s interesting how history repeats itself.

Good on Tom Brady for battling adversity late in the game, passing against the ‘Squawks Legion of Boom. I love stories of people kicking adversity’s ass, albeit the ‘Squawks were the lesser of the two evils last night. I know it makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but you have to talk about Brady in the all-time greatest quarterback discussion now. He won his fourth Super Bowl, tying Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw for most all-time by a quarterback, and he won his third Super Bowl MVP, tying Montana. Back in the days of Montana and Bradshaw, there was no salary cap, so teams were stacked to the brim. Tom Brady has turned a lot of chickenshit into chicken with the Patsies in some of those offenses. It’s impressive they’ve went to six since 2002! And it’s damningly impressive they’ve managed to win a Super Bowl with the same head coach/quarterback combo ten years after the last one.

The only people who are going to deny the above are spiteful, envious detractors who obstruct themselves from objective thinking. I hate the Patsies just as much as anybody else, but I’m a realist and always give credit when credit’s due.

Congrats, Patsies.

*My hope now is that ‘Squawks head coach Pete Carroll has lost the locker room and that the St. Louis Rams win the 2015-2016 NFC West title. Gotta have pipe dreams to keep me caring about the NFL.


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