I’ve been looking forward to this event for far too long. Let’s go!


Anderson “the Spider” Silva vs. Nick Diaz
Is this a stylistic layup for Mr. Silva? I don’t think so. Some folks tend to think standing in front of Anderson and trying to trade punches and kicks with him is unwise, and they’d be understating that claim, but this is Nick Diaz we are talking about, and I think he’s more than capable of holding his own in a standup battle between two MMA Goliath’s. Diaz will pressure Silva.

One of my friends seems to believe Diaz will inevitably knock out Silva, but I don’t believe father time has curtailed Silva’s career just yet. Anderson only lost to Chris Weidman, the veritable Middleweight champion of the world, twice. That’s all. He’s been out for over a year after that gruesome leg break. Of course, Diaz has been gone for two years, and he’s only fought twice in three years.

Will Anderson ever contend for the Middleweight title again? Who the fuck knows? That remains to be seen. I reckon Silva has this one in the bag. Diaz has been gone for two years. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diaz won, but I don’t see it happening. Prediction? Anderson Silva by third round TKO.

this is a stupidly tough fight to pick. He’s about as apt a test for Iaquinta’s development as the UFC can provide. Lauzon seems to be slowing down a bit after all of those wars he’s been involved in, and that could prove costly if he stands and trades with Iaquinta for too long. As Rainer says below, Lauzon is masterful at seizing opportunities, which means if Iaquinta gets careless, Lauzon will lock in a submission and Iaquinta will be tapping. I have a feeling that’s what we’ll see again on Saturday.

Joe Lauzon vs. Al Iaquinta
I had to write about this fight. I’m a big time Joe Lauzon fan and this fight has “fight of the night” written all over it. Sure, this is a difficult fight to pick, but Lauzon is tantamount to a test for Iaquinta’s development. J-Lau might be slowing down after all the battles he’s been entrenched in over the years, and that might prove itself to be costly if he attempts to stand and bang with Iaquinta. However, J-Lau is efficient at seizing opportunities — the ultimate opportunist — which means if Iaquinta becomes careless, J-Lau will lock in a submission and you can bet your bottom dollar Iaquinta will be tapping. Call me biased, but I have a feeling that’s what going to happen tonight. Prediction: Joe Lauzon by round 1 submission.


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