Yeah, UFC 183, not that shitfire of a Super Bowl that’s going to mirror pro wrasslin’ in all the supervillain/heel hoopla featuring two teams with histories enriched in the lore of cheating. I keep in close contact with seven friends who are also fans of the Celtics like yours truly, and of those that are unfortunately Patriots fans, I’m so damn thankful they aren’t as obnoxious as 97% of Patsies fans. Perhaps it’s because, like me, when it comes to sports outside of MMA, they are bigger basketball fans than football or baseball, and because of that they have some damn humility after waiting forever for that 2007-2008 season (the amazing 17th title incurring season for the MIGHTY CELTICS (fuck yeah, that warranted all caps)). Good news, though, for obnoxious Patsies fans is that Seahawks fans are probably even more loud and obnoxious. (Since they brought in a fuckton of bandwagoners after last year’s Super Bowl!) I’ve never seen so many Seahawks fans in Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina*** before… fuck off. Where were you fucknuts in February 2006*** when the Pittsburgh Squeelers spanked the ‘Squawks in that year’s Super Bowl? Leaving Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander jerseys in your online shopping carts only to remove both items once the game was over?

(***Note: I don’t give a shit about location-related bias, or liking location-specific teams. I think that’s silly. I grew up in Virginia. There’s no pro sports teams in Virginia. DC doesn’t count; I’m from southwest VA. The Titans don’t count — that’s Tennessee, and they are pretty much brand new in the history of the NFL, and ditto for North Carolina’s Carolina Panthers. So I don’t have any qualms with some asshole in Wyoming liking the San Antonio Spurs or some dipshit from Nebraska being a San Francisco Giants fan. You are a fan of who you are a fan of. That’s why I don’t give a FLYING FUCK about whether the St. Louis Rams stay in St. Louis or if they move to Los Angeles. No shits given. Bottom line about my above point is my distaste for bandwagoners who bandwagon the shit out of winners. I can’t STAND it. I hated it when people bandwagoned the Rams during the Greatest Show on Turf days, I hated it when people have bandwagoned the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006 and 2011, and I ESPECIALLY HATED IT when people bandwagoned my Boston Celtics between the years of 2007-2012, because I NEVER spotted fellow Celtics fans in 2005 or the awful season of 2006. So fuck all of you who I spotted rocking Kevin Garnett jerseys between ’07-’12. Fuck you. I bet you guys couldn’t even name the 2006 Boston Celtics roster let alone the Finals rosters of 2008 or 2010. I assume most of you fuckers were bandwagoners. Get the fuck out.)

I digress. Holy shit. Terrible start to this post. I could go back, proofread and edit, but why?

I’d feel, “Meh” about this weekend and would have likely spent it researching nerdy shit on PubMed, but no! This weekend is UFC 183, and Anderson “the Spider” Silva, the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time, is returning after his infamous broken leg injury vs. Chris Weidman to face Nick Diaz, a guy who’s been in the game for a while, has a big time following and is a de facto legend in his very own right.

Earlier this week, Diaz went MIA, and Donald Cerrone being the veritable bad motherfucker that he is, a guy that’s already fought twice this year (defeated Myles Jury on January 3rd, giving Jury his first ever loss and then, just fifteen days later — defeated Benson Henderson, former lightweight champ of the UFC and a guy he’d lost to twice in the past, on twelve days notice), offered to fight Silva this weekend if Diaz no-showed, saying that he could easily make 185 lbs. Cerrone is the kind of guy you’d want in your promotion, because he simply does not give a fuck. He’s a talented, well rounded fighter who’ll punch you right in the fucking face, put you in a rear naked choke or a guillotine and share a case of beer with your sorry, defeated self afterwards.

Of course, Diaz has finally been spotted, but damn, what a load of craziness.

On paper, these two — Silva and Diaz — match up well. Silva is a Muay Thai/kickboxer specialist and Diaz’s roots are derived from boxing. As Diaz spent all of last year not giving a shit about MMA and talking shit about that bleating bumrat schmuck Johny Hendricks, he even mentioned giving boxing a go. Silva and Diaz, also, both have black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Now, sure, fights that, on paper, look to be a stylistic dream often end up as duds, but this fight is so damn interesting. So damn interesting! Can’t miss it.


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