It’s no surprise that the UFC is doing this, as a business, to build hype around Conor McGregor. They are now calling him the, “Irish Muhammad Ali”, but it’s crazy. As big of a fan as I am of McGregor, who laughs at detractors on social media flipping shit over everything he says, comparing anybody in modern combat sports to Ali is ridiculous. Ali is one of the most recognized and iconic figures in the world. He changed an entire culture.

I do like McGregor’s charismatic bravado. It’s very Ali-esque. He even has his sayings that are becoming attached to him, like saying, “You don’t moove like ahye moove or tink like I tink” with his Irish accent being the icing on the cake with that style of flair. His style of fighting is derived directly from boxing, and that’s what makes him so exciting to watch. His footwork is almost unprecedented as he flows like water.

Two weeks ago he finished veteran Dennis Siver in two rounds for UFC Fight Night: Boston. Before the fight, he called Siver — a German — a cheater (Siver is known for previous PED use) and a Nazi, and predicted he’d finish him in two minutes. After he won the fight, he saved himself by saying, “I mean two rounds!”

He’ll likely get his matchup with UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo later this year. This pisses off a lot of people, because McGregor hasn’t fought the likes of Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar or Dennis Bermudez, guys known for their wrestling, but obviously this is a business decision by the UFC. They see the dollar signs and are going with it. Good on them. But the Muhammad Ali comparison is fucking crazy. Not even Anderson Silva — the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time — should be mentioned in the same breath as Ali.

Nobody can top this:


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