If you are from New England or you are a New England Patriots fan, I have no interest in what you have to say about DeflateGate and your team’s history of bending the rules. Everything you say is submerged in some form of bias no matter how you rearrange your words. Your interest involves either defending your team, or using the “Yeah, but…” style of defense speaking. I don’t dig it.

I hate the following statements:

— “Extreme winners have been cheating since the beginning of time!”
— “It’s not even that big of a deal. The Pats blew the Colts out in the second half, anyway.”

Both excuses are grating to the nerves of yours truly.

I’ve been obsessed with extreme winners for all my life. From studying Muhammad Ali to Mike Tyson to Michael Jordan to Anderson Silva to Georges St.-Pierre to sports teams throughout history. I love looking at what made them successful and attempting to apply what they did, from work ethic to mentality, to my own life to enrich what I have and build as a person. It’s a learning tool.

But this whole, “winners have been cheatin’ since the ol’ Russians were using ‘roids in the early days of the Olympic games!”

That’s herd/sheep mentality. “Yurr’uh cheatin’ so I’mma be’uh cheatin’, too!”

I’ve ranted about this in my posts about MMA regarding TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) users like Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort, before the Nevada State Athletic Commission enforced a ban on it.

It’s a lazy excuse, to say that, “Well, everybody else is doing it, so what’s the big deal?”, because it holds no weight. The other people doing it aren’t being caught. That doesn’t make it right, either way. The problem is, the Patriots are repeat offenders of scandalous behavior. There’s always going to be somebody curving the rules somewhere, but that doesn’t excuse it. Like my good friend Dustin Brown of Life, Liberty, and One Man’s Pursuit of Sports Happiness said, if the NFL doesn’t come down hard on the Pats, it’s going to piss a lot of people off.

The second aforementioned statement about the Pats ‘still’ blowing the Colts out in the second half is absurd, too. The Patriots were going to defeat the Colts regardless of deflating footballs, but the bottom line is, they decided to go ahead and do it, anyway. If I’m taking a test and I cheat on one question but I honestly answer the rest of them, am I in the clear if I’m caught? No. Absolutely not. So why should the Patsies get a pass?

Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints feigned ignorance three years ago when BountyGate was a hot topic. He was subsequently suspended for a year. This has to make everybody think what should happen with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick as they’ve lied out their asses over DeflateGate.


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